Company values are the ethics and beliefs businesses base their practices and objectives on. Core values should align with how a company acts and treats their employees.  

It is important for leaders to not just define what their core values are, but to also adhere to them and use them as a guide for running their company. Company values can shape your employees’ behavior and company culture, so it is important to choose values that align with your company’s mission.  

Here are 10 key company values every business should embrace:  

  1. Innovation: Encourage your employees to be creative and come up with new ideas. When employees are innovative, it helps them learn how to problem solve and embrace challenges
  2. Teamwork: When employees work together, it enhances relationships and increases trust in the workplace. Working in teams also allows for more perspectives and diversity.  
  3. Communication: Effective communication can improve employee engagement, build relationships and improve productivity. Maintaining good communication in the office should be a priority for all leaders.  
  4. Diversity: During the hiring process, it is important to hire diverse employees. This includes employees with diverse ideas, beliefs, races, and ethics. When there are diverse employees with different sets of skills and talents, it allows for there to be more innovation and creativity in the workplace.  
  5. Integrity: Integrity can help improve your company’s reputation. Leaders can show their employees what integrity looks like by being a good example. Having integrity means having strong moral principles and living by them.  
  6. Trust: Being transparent and helping your team in any way you can is a way to build trust. When leaders show that they genuinely care for their employees, it helps employees build trust in their leaders.  
  7. Humility: Pride can destroy relationships and workplace cultures, so it is important to encourage humility. Encouraging employees to ask questions, give feedback, actively listen, and ask for help when needed, is a way to show that your company supports being humble.  
  8. Continuous improvement: Help your employees reach their professional goals. Rather than keeping your employees in the same position for years, provide promotion plans for your employees to advance in the business.  
  9. Passion: Leaders cannot expect their employees to be passionate about their product if they themselves are not. Leaders should express their passion by sharing their vision, showing excitement when they are around colleagues, and focusing on solutions rather than problems.  
  10. Positivity: Being positive can create a harmonious work environment and improve the workplace culture. When employees are surrounded by positivity, they are less likely to feel stressed and more likely to be productive.  

Every company should have between five and 10 company values that all employees are aware of. Communicating these values to employees is just as important as creating them. Be sure to talk about your company values often. It may even be helpful to have your values posted on the wall of your office or on the company intranet.