The workplace is constantly changing and evolving, which is causing many challenges for leaders. With new challenges arising, leaders are having to be innovative and learn to adapt to these changes.  

Here are some challenges leaders are facing, and how to overcome them.  

The importance of mental health  

In 2020, researchers discovered that mental health rates were six times higher than in 2019. Anxiety has increased to 50% and depression to 44%. This increase in mental health has been a challenge for leaders to try and navigate.  

Many leaders are struggling with how to address and be mindful of mental health, while also still holding their employees accountable for reaching goals and completing tasks.  

Here are some ways to navigate mental health in the workplace:  

  • Build a culture of communication  
  • Prioritize getting to know your employees 
  • Schedule regular one-on-one meetings 
  • Take time to understand mental health and its effect on job performance 

Balancing in-person, hybrid, and remote work  

Remote and hybrid work is one of the main challenges leaders are facing in 2023. Having employees who work in the office, remotely, or both requires good communication skills, establishing clear expectations, and self-motivation. Many leaders are feeling overwhelmed with this sudden work change and how to handle it.  

Here are some ways to overcome the challenge of remote work:  

  • Provide all employees with the technology and resources they need to reach goals 
  • Have frequent meetings  
  • Prioritize effective communication 
  • Establish goals and expectations 
  • Discuss the importance of self-motivation 
  • Trust your employees 

Talent shortage  

With businesses expanding and evolving, competition is increasing. Many companies are discovering what benefits and perks jobseekers are looking for, which is attracting various applicants.  

To help retain talented employees, businesses need to make sure they are offering the same, or better, benefits than their competitors.  

According to Forbes, current jobseekers are looking for:  

  • Flexibility
  • Shared values 
  • Career progression  
  • Competitive benefits  

 It is important for employers to be aware of current trends and adjust their company, so that they can retain skilled employees.  

Leaders are constantly facing new challenges. The workplace is always changing, so leaders, particularly those in small and medium-sized businesses, must be innovative and adapt to these changes, so that they can overcome challenges and keep up with competition.