The best leaders are the ones that listen to their employees and understand that their employees’ thoughts and opinions matter. 74% of employees say they are more effective at their job when they feel heard. When managers take the time to listen to their employees, it helps employees know that their voice is important.  

According to a LinkedIn survey, only 8% of workers found their leaders to be good listeners. Being a good listener is a difficult skill to develop, but it is important, especially for leaders.  

Here are three ways listening can help make you a better leader

Shows that you prioritize your employees 

In any business, employees are the most valuable asset. Employees carry out your mission, help reach your goals, and influence your customers. Without engaged and hardworking employees, it can be very difficult for a business to thrive and be successful.  

Since engaged employees are essential in a successful business, it is important to know ways to retain them, and one of the most successful ways is to listen to them. Listening to your employees will not only help retain them, but it will help you become an overall better leader.  

Develop a daily habit of just listening to what your employees are saying. Do they seem stressed when they talk to their coworkers?  Burnt out? Are they worried about approaching deadlines?  

Instead of just talking and directing every time you interact with your employees, pause and just listen to them. When you choose to listen to your employees daily, it can help show that you prioritize them.  

Engage yourself with employees 

Another way to listen to your employees is through interacting with your team. Know who your employees are and what their role in your company is. If you hear that a certain department is busier than usual and has important deadlines to meet, engage yourself by acknowledging each individual for their hard work and asking what you can do to help.  

When you take the time to listen and know what your employees are working on, it can help you be better at reaching out to them and letting them know you are paying attention and care about them.  

Another way to engage yourself is to attend meetings with a goal of listening and letting others speak. Instead of just talking at your employees the entire meeting, take the time to ask your employees questions and listen to their answers. It can also be beneficial to have managers and other leaders direct some of the meetings to get some diversity. However, before someone new directs a meeting, talk to them about the importance of listening so that they know it needs to be prioritized.  

Do not interrupt  

Interrupting is an easy way to demonstrate that you are not a good listener. When you talk to someone and they are constantly interrupting you, it makes it seem like that person has something better and more important to say. Good leaders listen instead of interrupting.  

When your employees are opening up to you about their concerns or struggles in the workplace, it is important to just listen to them and hear everything they are saying. This will make the employee feel valued and will allow you to obtain all of the necessary information you need to move forward.  

Learning not to interrupt when someone else is speaking is a good habit to form because it shows the other person that you genuinely care about what they have to say. Not interrupting will help you become a better leader and it will help your employees feel valued.  


Listening to your employees is important in order to become a better leader. When leaders prioritize their employees, engage themselves, and do not interrupt, it allows them to become a better listener.