Fair behavior in the workplace is the absence of favoritism or discrimination. In a workplace environment, fairness is essential. Leaders are expected to treat their employees equally, so if employees are not treated fairly, it can lead to less productivity and poor behavior.  

When employees are treated fairly, they are more likely to feel safe and engaged in their work environment. Here are three ways to exhibit fairness in the workplace.  

Encourage mutual respect  

The saying, “treat others how you want to be treated” is important to think about when you are interacting with your employees and coworkers. Fairness in the workplace means holding employees of all ranks to the same level of respect.  

It is important for leaders to model respectful and fair behavior, so that employees know that fairness is expected. During one-on-one meetings it can also be beneficial to talk to your employees about their feedback regarding fairness in the workplace. Openly communicating with your employees about the importance of fair behavior in the workplace will allow them to know your company values being fair and equal with all employees.  

Create transparent promotion procedures 

One way that businesses can create an environment of fairness is by creating transparent promotion procedures. This allows employees to only be promoted if they follow certain promotion standards and reach certain goals.  

With a transparent promotion structure, employees will clearly understand what needs to be done in order to get a promotion. This will help to avoid unfair promotions that may cause other employees to get upset.  

Provide fair pay 

Another important way to show fairness to your employees is by correctly paying them. Compensation should be planned, and it should be fair across all of the employees in your company.  

It is also necessary to have transparent pay structures so that employees know their compensation is fair. It is best to eliminate secrecy when it comes to paying your employees because this will create distrust and unfairness between you and your employees.  

Fairness in the workplace is crucial to retaining employees and decreasing employee turnover. During training and meetings, prioritize discussing the importance of creating a fair work environment, and the consequences that may arise if employees are not treated fairly.