If you’re new to working from home, you may be experiencing a dip in productivity or increased exhaustion. It can be frustrating because you may have assumed working from home would make you feel more relaxed, but that simply isn’t the case for many people. Here are some ways to combat that exhaustion and regain your energy for work:

Establish Work-Life Balance

One of the reasons you may be feeling tired is a lack of work-life balance. While working from home it can be easy to work additional hours each day because of how easily accessible work is. However good an idea this may seem, it is overworking you. Make sure to set clear boundaries for yourself. Have set work and play times to avoid working to the point of burnout. Having a set space for work away from everything else can help to reinforce work-life balance in your mind and keep your energy up. Also, having a routine at the end of your work day can help signal to your brain that work is over.

Spend Downtime Wisely

You can gain a lot of energy from spending your down-time wisely. Engage in healthy practices like exercising and spending time outside when you can. Also, finding a hobby you love can make your time off more meaningful. It will boost your energy to make your downtime meaningful.

Avoid Screen Fatigue

Working from home can cause an increase in the amount of time you stare at screensVideo conferencing becomes the standard for meetings, you send and read more emails, and you’re rarely interrupted. This can cause exhaustion if it goes on too long. And, if you are spending your time outside of work staring at screens, it will only add to that exhaustion. Try to take breaks from screens throughout your workday whenever possible. This will help keep your energy up during your workday.

Use this advice to stay energetic even while working from home.