As a business leader, the success of your business rests on your shoulders. Because of this, you probably spend a decent amount of time worrying about projects, employees, customers, vendors, etc. It is possible to worry so much that it affects your productivity and focus. Here are some healthy ways to deal with worry:

Give Yourself Time to Worry

Ignoring your own nervousness will only make it worse. Set aside time in your schedule to focus on your concerns. If you want, you can write them down. This will help you to better be able to focus after worrying.

Identify What You’re Worried About

You can feel worried about a presentation, but not be sure what about the presentation your worried about. It could be talking in front of others, the possibility of technical errors, or the subject matter in general. Take time to identify what you’re worried about, including worst-case scenarios. Often, when you think about what is really worrying you, and the likelihood of that happening, you will feel less worried.

Be Proactive

Sitting and worrying about something for long periods of time is pointless. If you’re feeling worried, do something about it. Let’s use the presentation example again. Instead of worrying if the presentation is going to go well, go over your notes or give a mock presentation to someone you trust. Doing something proactive will help calm your nerves.

Ask for Help

Having someone else’s opinion on something you’re worried about can help you feel more secure. Don’t be afraid to ask a trusted individual’s opinion if you are feeling worried.

Use this advice to help you deal with the things occupying your mind so you can move on to bigger and better things.