While employee handbooks are not legally required, state and federal laws require employers to provide employees with information about sick leave policies, paid time off (PTO), workplace rights, and protections.  

87% of small businesses provide their employees with handbooks because it helps define expectations and it protects employers legally.  

Here are four tips for updating your employee handbook.  

Set a schedule  

If you decide to create an employee handbook (and we highly recommend that you do) it is important to regularly update it and make any necessary changes. Setting a specific date to review the handbook will help keep it up-to-date and avoid any confusion or miscommunication 

To ensure accuracy, it is recommended for employers to review their employee handbook at least once a year. This will help leaders catch any mistakes or information that needs to be updated.  

Assign roles 

For reviewing and updating your employee handbook, it can be helpful to assign representatives from several departments. This should include someone from human resources, operations, finance, legal, and marketing/communications. With at least one representative from each department reviewing the handbook, it will help ensure that each aspect of the handbook is correct.  

Keep a record of changes 

If there are changes that need to be made to the handbook, it is important to document those changes. Explain when and why those changes were made to the handbook. Keeping a record of all the changes made to the handbook will help your company stay organized and prevent issues should questions or claims from former employer arise.

Communicate with employees  

Written policies mean nothing if no one ever reads them.  Leaders should understand and follow the policies put into place.  The employee handbook should also be readily available to employees, and it should be clear who employees should go to if they need clarification on a policy. Employees should also notify employees of any handbook changes when they occur. 

Employee handbooks can be tedious, and our Helpside experts have decades of experience in human resources and employee management. If you have any questions regarding employee handbooks, reach out to us at service@helpside.com