The first Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation Day, so this month we wanted to give our clients an opportunity to recognize some of their great employees and thank them for everything they do help their businesses to be successful.

We received some amazing employee stories!

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Bel Aire Senior Living – Amanda S.

“Amanda is one of our more tenured CNAs in our American Fork assisted living facility.  She also schedules all CNA shifts into weekly schedules.  Over the past year, there has been a CNA shortage in the Utah healthcare industry, where many of our shifts have been understaffed.  Amanda has done an incredible job in pulling shifts together for adequate coverage to care for our residents when that didn’t seem possible. A year ago Amanda became pregnant with her third child, yet would still fill-in in desperate situations when staffing was thin.  After her baby was born, during an extremely desperate time of CNA shortages, Amanda would often come to work for half of our graveyard shifts in the middle of the night to very early morning.  This continued as soon as 10 days after having her baby. Amanda is extremely responsible to our residents and their home environment, and is occasionally vocal in telling us when we need to do better.  I can’t say enough about her effort in her work caring for our residents, or her conscientiousness in filling open shifts so those same residents receive the care they need.”

eWedding Bands – Amy M.

“Amy is a gem, also one of our customer service reps and our team lead. She keeps the whole office organized, and handles all of our ordering. Right now she is focusing her attention on her sales skills to help us in closing more sales over the phone, not just being a clerk, and she’s succeeding!”

Mountain Peaks Family Practice – Becky D.

“Becky is our billing specialist. Becky has been with us for over 12 years. Recently the coding world has been turned upside down with many changes. For four months Becky would come to work for eight hours and then drive to salt lake and take a four hour coding class twice a week to learn ICD-10. She also studied on her own time and became a certified coder. She wasn’t paid extra and took the initiative to better the clinic and herself on her own. I can’t say enough about how much Becky is appreciated for all her hard work and devotion. Thank you, thank you, thank you Becky.”

B2a CPA – Bill M.

“Bill is a CPA at B2a CPAs.  We are in the middle of our busy season and he is always willing to jump in and pick up extra work.  His wife is pregnant with their 4th child and he is constantly trying to balance giving his family the time they need and keeping all of the clients satisfied.  He has started working out in the office in the spare minutes between projects as he either at work or helping his wife and kids.”

Elite Housing – Bob S.

“Bob maintains our company website and continually sends information to customers making inquiries on it, and he is very professional in his interactions with customers when they come in to tour our homes. He is a team player who willingly fills in for others, who may be ill or need a day off.  He is upbeat and positive and lifts morale in the office.”

Olson’s Greenhouse – Carlos B.

“We appreciate the efforts of our employee Carlos B. Recently Carlos has stepped up as leader in our safety efforts. After a recent safety meeting, he built a device that solved a safety issue without being asked. He is proactive and willing to make a difference.”

Sweetwater Technology Services, Inc. – Charles O.

“All of our employees are very amazing and dedicated to their jobs. If I had to pick one to receive an award, I would choose Charles O. He is always going above and beyond to help our customers and works great with other employees. He has a positive attitude every day.”

Dexter and Dexter – Charlotte B.

“Charlotte has gone above and beyond what has been requested of her in many meaningful and substantive ways to make Dexter Law better and more client-focused.  She takes initiative and is truly our Director of First Impressions.  We so recognize and appreciate her contributions.  Thank you, Charlotte!”

Stitcheroos – Charlotte B.

“Charlotte has saved my behind in our small business more than once.  She is not only our seamstress but also our shipping manager and she takes the “punches” of our business with the rush orders like a champ!  Often times she ends up completing a custom made outfit from scratch to finish all in one day- which is hard because I know she also has a life and this impacts her when she clears the way to have time to do these rushes for our business.  She does absolutely amazing work and has an eye for detail and only gives out the highest quality product- we couldn’t run Stitcheroos without her!”

Kunzler Law Office – Christie M.

“I would like to nominate Christie M. in our office.  Christie does a fantastic job with our docketing, which is a very, very technical and crucial position where even small mistakes can be disastrous.  Christie is extremely accurate and does a fantastic job.  She also is always very willing and helpful in filling in when another assistant needs help or is gone.  Her ability to step in for any assistant and quickly get caught up or just fill in without skipping a beat is amazing.  Christie is and always has been a model employee. Her dedication and willingness to help out truly make a big difference for our firm.”

StealthGearUSA – Clint L.

“I am submitting Clint as our nominee for employee appreciation. He travels every day from Salt Lake to American Fork and has the best quality of work within the company. He is a true artist when it comes to the products he produces on a daily basis. He has shown great leadership qualities and expertise as he has assisted in training the afternoon shift. He is very knowable about our product and the industry and continues to strive for excellence. We are very glad to have Clint as part of our team.”

Hadco Construction – Corey W.

“Corey takes pride in safety, the company and the guys, making sure that he follows through with communication, and does what it takes to get the job done.”

TM Crushing – Dan H.

“Dan was able to get the plant started earlier, holding himself and other employees accountable. He has stay late to push for deadlines, found more material, hit production times, and pushed load times under 12 minutes.” – Emily D.

“Emily is our School Coordinator here at She works with sponsors of high schools. She is a single mother and makes great things happen not only here at work but most importantly at home. Emily Duke is a representative of the Widow’s Might.  A program created to provide single mothers the opportunity to provide a living for their children without having to sacrifice sacred family time. The Widow’s Might employees will be the heart of the School Awards program, working hard to achieve fulfillment for schools and sponsors.”

Ideal Talent Source – Emily J.

“Emily is always willing to go the distance and take care of business even when it’s difficult and stressful.  She is pleasant, hardworking, and understanding.  With her, my company works better and is better. We have worked together for over 5 years and I would love to publicly and profoundly offer my utmost respect and appreciation for her positive contributions…every day. Thank you Emily for making a difference.”

Bassett Furniture – Garin R.

“We have stellar employee who works in our Salt Lake City location.  Garin R. is our warehouse/delivery manager.  Garin is always willing to help out where ever he is needed.  He always has a good attitude and is never negative.  He is such a joy to work with every day.  Garin will come in on his day off to complete an out of town delivery just because he wants to make our customers happy.  That is who he is.  He has an unparalleled work ethic and is an important part in our business success.  Please consider him for this recognition.”

Social5 – Holli W.

“Holli W. has successfully managed day-to-day operations of an expansive team of more than 70 writers for more than two years, rising from the ranks of freelance writer to one of the highest positions on the Social5 Content Team. She has demonstrated superb leadership, masterful organizational skills and a knack for navigating the more technological side of our business. She has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure onboarding calls with new customers are covered, that content is flowing on a weekly basis to more than 7,000 account and that our freelance ranks remain robust enough to handle the content load. She has created a wonderful culture within our company that includes team-building memes, holiday greeting cards and an occasional emailed unicorn to cheer people up. Her ongoing commitment to Social5, with countless hours above and beyond a traditional work week, has made her an invaluable part of the Social5 team.”

Mountain West Law – Jaelynn J.

Jaelynn, an associate attorney in our office, is a valued employee and member of our law firm. Jaelynn is just a couple years out of law school but has learned quickly the value of client development and community service. Jaelynn is on the board of Utah’s Repertory Dance Theatre. She is a guardian ad litem for the State and has volunteered many hours to benefit children in divorce and other custody situations. She is the president-elect of the Young Lawyers Division for the Utah State Bar and a member of Women’s Networking Group.  She dedicates many hours to these professional associations to build up not only her own practice, but the practices and businesses of friends and colleagues. She is an asset to our firm!

Stevens Global – Jaren F.

“Jaren is one of those employees that you’ll pay twice what the position is worth because of his attitude. He’s worth the absolute most you can afford to pay the position. We originally turned Jaren down on an application for work back in August. In January our best warehouse guy moved to Washington State with two days of notice. Ouch!! Let me say that again, ouch! We went crawling back to Jaren. He was gracious and his attitude was amazing, and it still is! Jaren will do anything you ask him to with earnest and genuine effort. Jaren didn’t like our ladder, so he donated his own. Jaren preferred a more motivational area, so he brought in 15 framed pictures. Jaren has safety first and foremost on his mind in the warehouse. He challenges his peers to keep up with his pace and accuracy in warehouse work. He is not afraid to ask an employee to work harder, if he sees them becoming complacent. Jaren works picking orders and drives a forklift for us, however, he also is gone out when it is slow and handed out business cards to potential customers, cleaned the parking lot, hung decor, washed trucks, and even offered to work weekends at no charge (we kindly declined), just to help get the business growing profitably. Jaren is everybody’s favorite, even yours and you don’t know him, yet.”

Pennbridge Lodging – Jason P.

“I want to nominate Jason P. with Pennbridge Lodging.  Jason works in our corporate office in Boise, ID as an accountant.  Typically, accountants do not fully understand the hotel operations business and he has done a great job working with our GM’s to gain a greater understanding of the business. When we recently opened our Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in Orem, Jason left his family for a week in Boise while he put down the accounting calculator, put on his jeans and T-shirt and helped out in every aspect of the hotel opening.  He even put together all of the hotel office desks. Jason is an integral member of the Pennbridge Lodging team.”

digEcor – Jeff S.

“I would like to recognize Jeff Sanford. We hired Jeff 2 years ago as he was finishing his accounting degree at BYU.  Since then his education has really expanded as he has taken over many of the accounting responsibilities at digEcor.  In addition to accounting, he is responsible for HR and coordinates all payroll issues with A Plus.  Shortly after he was hired, we moved to a new accounting/operations computer program which he has become very proficient in.  He has become very knowledgeable in so many areas that are beyond his college education and is a valuable and talented member of our staff.”

Disruptive Advertising – Jenny H.

Our Marketing Manager, Jenny is awesome!  She wears many hats at our organization and does a fabulous job making sure everyone’s needs are met timely.  Jenny is not afraid to take on new responsibilities outside of her “Marketing Manager” title and truly embraces the constant growth and change at Disruptive Advertising.  Jenny is one of the first ones to arrive each morning and stays until every crisis situation has been resolved.  Everyone in the organization would agree…”If you need something to get done right…assign it to Jenny.”  Jenny’s positive attitude and “can do” nature are instrumental in  the day to day success here at Disruptive Advertising and nobody is more deserving of a nice “National Employee Appreciation Day” gift than she is.”

Visibility Signs and Graphics – Joe B.

“I’d like to highlight Joe Benavidez for employee appreciation. Joe brings a spirit of positivity wherever he goes, and doesn’t let things get him down. When something goes wrong, or we have extra work, he is willing to come early, stay late, or work on weekends to get things done. Joe is also a master of his craft, and takes care to make sure each job he does is going to please the customer. Another reason why Joe is a great asset to our company is that he is willing to do any job that will help us move forward. He doesn’t feel like he just has to fit to his job description or title. His primary role is installation, but he is happy to work in sales or production, or anything else we need done. Thanks for being awesome, Joe!​”

Dexter and Dexter – Kraig B.

“Kraig B. has been an extremely productive family law attorney at our firm and we really appreciate his contributions.  He whole-heartedly stepped into a role that was challenging and which stretched him personally and professionally.  His attitude and work-ethic have paid off and he is consistently excellent in his client interactions and in the outcomes he achieves.”

Mountain West Law – Lisa H.

“Lisa H., a legal assistant in our office, makes a huge difference in our small company. She always goes above and beyond what her position entails and is the epitome of a “team player.”  Not only does she assist several attorneys in our office, she can do anything from maintain our company website to plan, decorate and carry out firm events. She is an asset to our team and we are grateful to have her.”

eWeddingbands – Luis A.

“Luis A. is our head goldsmith here. He is an amazing artisan. He blows us away with his skill and creativity. He is so dedicated to our success and helping in any way he can. He chose to work the week before Valentine’s Day even though his mother passed away early in that week.  He could have taken bereavement days off, but wanted the distraction of work and also knew we desperately needed his help that week!”

Expand Learning Solutions – Lyndsay B.

“I would love to acknowledge Lyndsay B. and show my appreciation for the incredible employee that she is. Lyndsay was a stay-at-home mom for years. When her family circumstances made it necessary for her to get back into the job field, it was a challenge to find a job that wasn’t fast food. She had limited computer skills, no college experience, and a very short resume. Despite her lack of formal education and former experience, her incredible work ethic and enthusiasm for learning made it an easy decision to hire her. From day one, Lyndsay quickly did any task assigned and often went out of her way to help with any other task she saw needed completed. Lyndsay is eager to learn any and every task and completes each job with quality and precision. When other employees left the company, Lyndsay stepped in and picked up the slack without complaining. She is a problem solver and isn’t afraid to deal with difficult situations or difficult customers.  Lyndsay has grown into a savvy and competent business-woman and is my most reliable employee, and I wish others had even half of her work ethic and enthusiasm.”

Holiday Inn Express-Murray – Mary L.

“I would like to nominate our Head Housekeeper, Mary L.  She has not only been dealing with poor health, medical issues with her parents out of state, and the issue of high turnover in a very tight job market.  She continues to lead her department, being a positive role model and working through while dealing with pain.”

Holiday Inn Express-Gunnison – Melanie S.

“My nominee is Melanie S. She’s grown into her role as Morning Front Desk Shift and adjusted to it very well and made the shift her own. She is taking on more projects and continuing to learn. She sets up groups and does everything she can for PM shift. She is very detailed and always reads notes and passes them along. The back office looks a lot better thanks to her. She is always looking to help and happily takes any project given to her. She sees things to the end. Always. For example, she called a guest after shipping their item this morning just to let them know. She always follows up with questions passes along notes for other coworkers from days past.”

Reddish Pharmacy – Patti F.

“We have an employee that recently went above and beyond that I am very grateful for.  We had a patient who was recently discharged from the hospital and the doctor prescribed some very expensive blood thinner.  After billing the insurance the patient’s copay was still over $100.00 so Patti took it upon herself to check with the patient and see if they would like her to contact the doctor to see if he would approve a change to a less expensive alternative.  After several phone calls when we were very busy she was able to get the change approved which saved the patient over $100.00 and they were very grateful.  Going the extra mile for this patient will hopefully secure them as a patient of ours for years.”

Collins Roofing – Robyn N. (A Plus Benefits internal employee)

Collins Roofing nominated an A Plus Benefits employee who they felt deserved to be recognized for Employee Appreciation Day. “Robyn has performed as the Payroll Specialist for Collins Roofing for a number of years. She has always been professional and very easy to work with. Our issues and errors are addressed promptly, and we can count on her to process our payroll in a timely manner. We appreciate her diligence and hard work in regards to our account.”

Wholesale Chess – Robyn W.

“When you work for a small business with only five employees you are going to do a little bit of everything regardless of your job title or formal responsibilities.   Robyn Rackham, our Office Manager, is a perfect example of that.  If she is not working with a customer on the phone she can be found helping the warehouse pack orders or collecting from a past due account.  It is employees like Robyn that make small businesses successful.   She is here every day, on-time, with a positive attitude and always looking for ways to make customers and her co-workers happy while keeping an eye on the bottom line.  Thank you Robyn!”

Hansen, Black, Anderson, Ashcraft – Robyn S.

“Robyn S. is an employee at Hansen Black Anderson Ashcraft who has multiple responsibilities and we think that every person in this office would agree that she is the backbone at HBAA. When Robyn first started working at this office it was not Hansen Black Anderson Ashcraft just yet, in other words, when she started working here this company didn’t even exist. For the past five years Robyn has been doing everything in her power to help grow this firm and make it into what it is today. She is and always has been a dedicated employee to us. Despite being a full time employee at our firm and a single mother, Robyn attended night school to further her education as a paralegal and grow at this firm as well as in the legal industry. Robyn assists all attorneys at this firm as well as their clients. She is always there to make you feel special on your birthday or just when you need a little pick me up. Even though we don’t like to admit it, Robyn is the reason that this firm runs smoothly and we are truly lucky to have her as an employee.”

Freeway Propane – Ryan S.

Ryan S. is our designated pump hand. Ryan is the first person usually that greets our retail customer that come in to fill their cylinders. Ryan is always friendly and outgoing and happy to help our customers with whatever they might need. He fills cylinders, makes hoses, helps with any retail questions they might have, and just generally is willing to do anything our customers need help with out that we might need him to do. He does with a smile and he makes a difference here at Freeway Propane and Fencing.”

Bassett Furniture – Scott S.

“We have an excellent Sales Manager by the name of Scott S. who is employed in our Salt Lake City location.  Scott is one of the most easy to get along with people I have ever met.  He brings a great attitude and desire to succeed to our business.  Scott led his sales staff to an amazing year in 2015 and strives to continue that trend in 2016.  Scott is a great leader and a proven asset to our business.”

Fairfield Inn and Suites-Twin Falls – Shyla M.

“Shyla M. makes a large impact on our hotel.  She started before we opened and has been a great part of our team from day one.  She dived right in and worked with the contractor to help us get open with very few items on the punch list.  From that day she has worked tirelessly keeping the hotel up and running.  Shyla worked with the contractor on warranty items and held them accountable, and by doing so she saved our company tens of thousands in maintenance costs.  Still to this day we here from our guests that the hotel looks brand new and like it has never been used.  Without Shyla this would not be possible.”

Thermal Engineering – Stewart K.

“Stewart is one of our lead guys.  We have currently been going through some growth changes and challenges.  Stewart has moved into a position to take a huge load off our office personnel.  He is our guy that we can go to with the little issues and service calls and I know that it will get handled. We appreciate all of his help and consideration.”

eWeddingbands – Susan M.

“Susan is one of our customer service reps. She is kind, cheerful and has excellent communication skills with customers both on the phone and via email. She commutes from SLC and is still a few minutes early for her 7:00am shift EVERY day! We are so glad to have her as part of our team.”

Hadco Concrete – Tanya S.

Tanya S. has been staying late and even worked Saturday to help out residential building. She helps with scheduling, training and roll call.

Western Piping – Kurt M.

“This letter is not going to be able to show or emphasize how great of an asset that this guy has proven to the company. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Wesley M. has come a long ways in the last couple of years. He has not only transformed from a journeyman brick layer, to now a journeyman pipe fitter. But he now has proven himself capable of running big jobs and crews. This guy does never leave a bad taste or a terrible job with any general contractor or any fellow workers. He just does what he is told and does it with a smile. Wesley never asks for more than he puts into it! This g
uy truly understands the meaning of “What you put into it can be expected back!” Out of any one right now, this guy more than deserves this award!!”

eLearning Brothers – Zach B.

“eLearning Brothers would like to recognize Zach. Zach is the lead of our Marketing Team. He has many responsibilities, managing blog posts, marketing campaigns, website traffic, etc. Zach is also responsible for making sure we get registered for various eLearning Conferences and is responsible for booth design, ordering all our supplies, setting up the booths, etc. With all these responsibilities, Zach always has time to help us out with other things. He is always willing to drop what he is doing and happily help us resolve whatever our current issues might be, computer set up, internet trouble shooting, ordering new company phones, helping out with client requests….I could go on and on. Zach is an all-around nice guy and a great asset to eLearning Brothers. He is certainly a team player and we really appreciate him, his talents, and his fun-loving eLB attitude!”

Acaydia Spa & School of Aesthetics – Meagan D.

Working with 40+ students as the Education Director at Acaydia Spa & School of Aesthetics requires talent and the ability to be a master at multi tasking. Education Director, Meagan D. is in a league of her own. Over the 5+ years she has been with the company, she has shown the ability to be a creative problem solver and mentor for our students. One of her biggest accomplishments has been to create a customized curriculum which focuses on delivering meaningful, real life experiences for our students, and goes beyond the basic state requirements. Acaydia’s state board passing and job placement rates are extremely high, and we believe a big part of that is due to our strong curriculum and constant student support. Thanks Meagan for being such an important part of Acaydia!

Thank you to all of the employees that work every day to grow the small businesses in our community. We are so proud to partner with such great employees and companies.

Looking for ways to recognize your great employees? Check out our Employee Recognition Toolkit full of best practices and resources to get you started.