Have you ever wished you had just a few more hours in the day? What a silly question. Of course, you have. As a small business leader or entrepreneur, you are used to long working hours and having never-ending to-do lists, while trying to maximize your productivity. What would you do with a little more time in your day? Being more productive with little tasks throughout your day can help you accomplish more. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Start with the least desirable task first
Sometimes this is called “eating the frog.” Starting with the least desirable task each day allows you to feel accomplished quickly and move on to more enjoyable tasks. It also prevents you from putting it off to the next day, only to dread it all day again.

Hold “No Meeting” Wednesdays
It doesn’t have to be Wednesday, but set aside one day each week where there are no scheduled meetings. On this day, employees can focus on important tasks with large blocks of uninterrupted time.

Bundle similar tasks together.
Grouping similar tasks together can help you do many things at once instead of bouncing around physically and mentally from place to place. Do you have a list of phone calls to make? Do them one after the other. Do you have multiple tasks using one piece of software? Complete them back to back. One thing that often disrupts work is checking email. Setting aside specific times during the day to read and address emails is another great tip.

Make your workspace comfortable
Having a workplace that you are comfortable in makes it easier to work. We spend most of our days at work, so why not make it enjoyable? Changing lighting such as adding a lamp or adding a foot rest can make your workspace more comfortable allowing you to focus and get more done.

Take 15 minutes to plan the next day
Taking a couple extra minutes at the end of each day to plan can help you prioritize your work for the next day. This helps to begin working immediately and not waste time figuring out what to tackle first. Making lists also helps to make sure you don’t accidentally forget an important task, potentially throwing off your day.

Get ready for Monday on Sunday night
Being prepared and not feeling rushed in the morning will energize you on Monday and get you ready to start the week strong. Set some goals for your week. Get your cup for coffee out and next to the coffee maker. Put your keys, bag and shoes by the door. These small things will help you start off on the right foot.

Share these ideas with your employees, especially other leaders in your organization. Saving just five minutes each day really adds up.