Holidays are the time where everyone seems to get in the spirit and celebrate. It can also be a great time for employers to thank employees for all of their hard work over the year and inject a little fun into the workplace. You don’t have to throw an elaborate holiday party or purchase expensive gifts for employees to make them feel appreciated. Here are some ideas for every budget to help you celebrate with your team.

Set up a Secret Santa gift exchange the “new” way

Elfster is a site to help you organize your gift exchange. You simply go to the site, enter the date and deadline for signing up, and spending limit. You can send an invite to your teammates to join in on the gift exchange and Elfster will match up people for you.  Your teammates can make a wish list to help make it easier for finding the perfect gift.

Have a holiday movie party in the conference room

Provide popcorn, treats, and drinks. Watch a classic like White Christmas or the latest holiday movie.

Swap a holiday dinner for a holiday lunch

Go out to lunch as a group. The lunch options at a restaurant are often less expensive than dinner. Or, have your holiday party at the office with a holiday themed potluck lunch. Everyone can sign up to bring something and have fun without leaving the office.

Have a yummy treat at the office

Grab some sugar cookies, seasonal bread from a local pastry shop, hot chocolate, doughnuts and cider for a festive employee treat.

Get a little artistic

Go to a local ceramics studio and create a fun piece to take home.  Attend a class where you can paint your masterpiece on a canvas.

Attend a holiday cooking class

Attend a cooking class at a local restaurant or grocery store, such as Harmons. You can often find vouchers on Groupon for classes in your area to help save even more.

Score a swanky hotel site in January

Moving your holiday party to January, after the holiday season, can help save on a cool venue and possibly even catering.

Go to the aquarium or museum

Treat your team to a day at the museum or aquarium. Being a tourist in your own city and learning something new can be a fun way for the team to bond.

Finding new things to do during the holidays can help make work a little more fun and boost employee morale.  You do not have to break the bank.  Doing anything, even if it is something small, will let your employees know you appreciate them, helping end the year on a high note.

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