Who we are

Our passion for small business success drives everything we do. More than 30 years ago, our co-founders Larry Bartholomew and B.J. Wright set forth to build a business that would benefit the small companies in their community.

Today, Rick Bartholomew and John Bartholomew continue this legacy, offering solutions that positively impact business owners, employees, and their families. Our services help businesses transform into places where employees are empowered to be their very best, which in turn helps both the company and our community succeed.

Meet the Experts

Don’t take our word for it.

The best way to understand the impact our services have on small businesses is to hear it directly from the people who know us best: our clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying


"I love that payroll is really simple and quick and I can submit it online through their payroll portal. Then, I can just quickly approve it and Helpside just takes care of everything else!"


"I have stayed with Helpside because of the individual attention I get. I know that if I have a question or concern, it will get handled."


"I appreciate the communication with any questions or concerns. It makes me feel like our company is in good hands and that Helpside is committed to help us in anyway they can even though we are a small company."

Asphalt Zipper

"Our company has been with Helpside for many years. I have personally worked with them for the last 9 years. Having their expertise on payroll and benefits makes life so much easier."

Freedom Process Piping

"Helpside is the best when it comes to the support we need for our HR and payroll needs. We are looking forward to future growth with Helpside."


"I love working with Helpside. We have had excellent service. We greatly enjoy the peace of mind that our payroll is being done correctly and the payroll taxes are being reported correctly and on time."

Millhaven Homes

"We have been clients of Helpside for over 10 years. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone who asks. Helpside makes my job easier!"

  • Mike Burrahm
  • Tiana-Sanchez
  • Teresa Cowser
  • Ryan Bartholomew
  • Allana Stott
  • John Bartholomew
  • Dave Ashby
  • Lindsay Larsen
  • Jason Transtrum
  • Miken Davis
  • Mehana Currie
  • BJ Wright
  • Tisha Morgan
  • Rick Bartholomew
  • Rochele Bertasso
  • Steve Anderson
  • Abby Keele
  • Jake Lunt
  • Tiffany Bundy
  • Raul Ontiveros
  • Shandy Bozo
  • Jordan Kenison
  • Ruth Ann Ivie
  • Mary Pons
  • Larry Bartholomew
  • Kathy Wright
  • Justin Rowley
  • Kate Ruffell
  • Judy Thomas
  • Ann Armitage
  • Skyler Crandall
  • Linda Daybell
  • Greg Williams
  • Megan Sainsbury
  • Brent Thomas
  • Debbie Reiser
  • Casen Van Houten
  • Jana Bishop
  • Chet Cornell
  • William Familia
  • Kate Ruffell
  • Florencia Ramos
  • Amy Reynolds
  • Kat Ker
  • Aaron Walker
  • Scarlett Bowler
  • Josh Hancey
  • Audree Carlson
  • Andrew Bartholomew
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  • Jake Poulsen
  • Tiffany McEwan
  • Shelly Larkin
  • Susan Allred
  • Brandon White
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