Everyone wants to feel comfortable to be themselves at work. Self-expression is something that makes workers feel more comfortable and more motivated. There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed to maintain a professional standard and good company image. However, there are lots of opportunities for self-expression at work that can make your workers feel more at home in the workplace without crossing lines or causing problems. Here are some easy ways to encourage self-expression at work: 

Dress Code 

Certain dress standards need to be maintained in pretty much every industry whether for safety or professional reasons. Beyond safety and image reasons, there really are no other restrictions that need to be in place in your dress code. Keep your dress code as casual as practical to allow your employees to express themselves through their clothing, make-up and jewelry.  

Create Comfort 

Having a plain and orderly office may seem like the professional choice, but it can quickly stifle employee creativity and comfort. Consider adding color and warmth into your workplace design when possible. Additionally, you should use ergonomic furniture whenever possible to keep employees safe and comfortable. Making employees feel comfortable in your workplace will encourage individuality and creativity.  

Let Employees Design 

Employees will feel much happier to work in a space that reflects them in some way. Allow your employees some space to claim and design as their own. This can be a desk, a section of wall for poster and pictures, or whatever works best for your type of workplace. Giving your employees a space for their own will make them feel like themselves and that they belong.  

Allowing for self-expression in employees is an easier way to make your workplace more comfortable for all your workers. Follow this advice for simple ways to give employees self-expression opportunities at work.