Since the economy rebounded and unemployment rates returned to low level, small business owners have struggled with how to attract the top talent they need to take their company to the next level. In Utah with a 3.4 % unemployment rate and an influx of large corporations moving into the state, small businesses have to find new ways to bring in the best job candidates. Here are some suggestions from an article in US News and World Report, to bring in the best of the best when you are recruiting for an open position.DeathtoStock_Medium5

1- Have clear, easy to understand job descriptions. Clear job descriptions give potential employees an accurate picture of the job so they can determine if it would be a good fit for them. If you have not reviewed your job descriptions in a while (or you don’t have any written job descriptions), before you recruit for an open position is a great time to take a look. Our expert HR Advisors can help you with this task.

2- Don’t force candidates to use convoluted and time-consuming application systems. While “big data” is popular these days, forcing applicants to jump through hoops to apply may deter the best talent, who can easily apply for positions elsewhere.  If you use application software, make sure that it is user friendly and glitch free.

3- Don’t play games on salary. Refusing to discuss salary until a formal offer is made can get your best candidates to turn away. Be honest with yourself that employees work for money. They need to know that the job will allow them to take care of themselves and their families. Talking about salary upfront takes away any removes any surprises if an offer is made. Out HR Advisors can help you conduct a salary survey for your open positions, to make sure your planned salary will attract the talent you need.

4- Respect candidates’ time. Avoid cancelling an interview at the last minute, start interviews on time, and actively listen to the candidate in the interview.  This shows the potential employee that you respect them. The interview is a good opportunity to showcase your company culture and give the prospect some idea of the way your employees are treated.

5- Keep interviews focused on questions related to the work. Odd interview questions (like if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Or what kind of animal do you relate with most?) will make your strongest candidates feel silly and they don’t really give a good insight into the candidate anyway.  Stick to behavior based interview questions. Need help developing them? Talk to one of our expert HR Advisors.

6- Be transparent throughout the hiring process. Explain the hiring timeline and set appropriate expectations for communication through the hiring process. This will help keep the good candidate interested. Be honest about the job details and any downfalls of the position. Allow the candidate opportunities to speak with current employees about their experience with your organization.

7- Remember that interviewing is a two-way street. Put your best foot forward and remember that the candidate is deciding whether your organization is a good fit for them as well. Allow them to ask questions and learn more about the company.

8- Be worth working for. Long before you recruit for a position, make sure you have laid the groundwork for a company culture and environment where employees want to work. In addition to paying fair salaries and offering competitive benefits, the best employees are looking for positions with companies who value effective leadership, professional development and employee recognition.