Should You Offer Performance-Based Pay?

There are quite a few different methods for paying your employees. While paying employees a monthly salary or by the hour is most common, another type of pay is performance-based pay. This pay strategy allows employees to earn their paycheck based on the performance benchmarks they hit, rather than receiving a set income. An example […]

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Keeping Your Small Business in Compliance

There are many employment laws that small businesses have to...
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On-Demand Wage Access, Is it Right for You?

Most workplaces pay employees on weekly or bi-weekly schedules. However,...
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Leadership Skills that will Help You Support Your Employees

Often in small business leaders are promoted because they are...
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Are You Causing Employee Fatigue?

Employee fatigue is a growing problem in workplaces everywhere. This...
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Accurately Paying Your Employees

This article was written by Cody Wilkins, Payroll Business Analyst...
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Being Intentional About Self-Care While Working Remotely

Though remote work came into popularity very quickly, it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. According to a study from Gallup, 7 out of 10 workers in white-collar industries are still working remotely. Beyond that, 4 out of 10 workers reported that they preferred working remotely. Remote work has been a great tool as we’ve dealt with different challenges […]

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Making Remote Work Engaging

Working remotely can be a great opportunity, but it can also be...
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Eliminating Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is believing that your achievements weren’t reached honestly and that you are...
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Why Your Employees Have Toxic Behaviors

Being an employer gets a whole lot harder when your workplace turns...
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