Four Ways Small Businesses Can Motivate Employees Like Big Companies Do

Small businesses are disadvantaged when competing with the big guys (think Google, Amazon, Adobe, etc.) for great employees. You may have even lost an employee or job candidate to one of these companies in the past. Having less time and resources to work with means small businesses have to be creative and build work cultures […]

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Keeping Employees Safe While Driving

This blog was written by Raul Ontiveros, Workers’ Compensation Claims...
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The Benefits of Mentoring Programs in Small Businesses

According recent Gallup survey results, one of the main factors...
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Managing Fantasy Football in the Workplace

Fall is here, and football season has begun. You will...
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Creative Ways to Increase Professional Development Opportunities in Your Small Business

Offering professional development opportunities to employees can be difficult for...
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Five Things Leaders Can Do to Correct a Toxic Workplace

No one wants to work in a toxic workplace. And...
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Lessons Learned When a Top Performing Employee Quits

Losing a high-performing employee is not a good feeling. In fact, it is hard to not take it personally. And on top of that, the cost of replacing a skilled employee is estimated at 213 percent the cost of the employee’s annual salary. No matter how strong your culture is and what you are doing […]

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When Do I Have to Provide a Final Paycheck to a Terminated Employee?

So many things run through your mind as an employer...
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Three Places Unintentional Bias Negatively Impacts Your Hiring Process

Your employees want a diverse and inclusive workplace that allows...
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Giving Positive Feedback to Employees Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Giving negative feedback is uncomfortable for many leaders, but what...
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