How to Improve or Start Your Job Swap Program

Job swapping or cross training can be a unique way to help your company stand out and increase employee satisfaction. Job swapping is when employees from one department work with another department for a period of time. Job swapping helps your company retain top talent, develop from within, and create engaged employees. It also helps build unity across departments, […]

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How Can I Promote Gender Equality in My Workplace?

Issues of gender inequality in the workplace are becoming front-page...
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Ways to Stay Motivated in the Dark Winter Days

The coming of winter means many things.  One of those...
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Knowing When to Say Thank You

As a business leader, you want your employees to be...
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Help Your Employees Find Meaning in Their Work

A lot of the time, work is considered to be...
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What Happens if an Employee Misses Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment is typically the only time during the year...
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What is Open Enrollment?

This time of year you will hear the term Open Enrollment in the news, among friends, and especially at work. So what is Open Enrollment, anyway? Open Enrollment provides an opportunity for benefits participants to make changes to benefit plans that are not allowed at other times during the year. For many benefits options that […]

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How Do I Pay Employees During Daylight Savings?

Most of the United States participates in daylight savings. When...
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Your Guide to Manager Engagement

Managers have a big impact on the actions of the...
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Three Ways to Make Delegating Easier

As a business leader, you can’t do everything. There’s only...
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