Utah Clarifies Medical Marijuana Accommodations for Private Employers

The state of Utah recently confirmed that employers will not be required to accommodate the use of medical marijuana by employees. The Utah Medical Cannabis Act, passed in 2018, requires that public employers accommodate medical cannabis use by employees, unless use “would jeopardize federal funding, a federal security clearance, or any other federal background determination […]

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3 Tips for Improving Diversity in Hiring

Diversity is a much talked about topic in today’s business world and with...
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Growing Your Business with an Employee Focus

One thing all business leaders have in common is a...
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Best Practices for Maintaining Employer Files

As an employer, there are certain employee documents you are...
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Hiring for Cultural Fit

Hiring great employees is one of the biggest challenges small business...
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Forming Good Relationships with Stressful Employees

Work relationships are rarely perfect. It is natural for people...
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Four Ways to Increase Your Humility

Humility is not seen too frequently these days. Especially in business, you can feel pressure to compete and show how smart and interesting you are. However, having humility can help you to make a good impression on others and come across as a kind, helpful person. Here are some ways to help you to be more humble: Do […]

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What Employees Love About Work

Even if you don’t have your dream job, you can probably think...
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Should I Let My Employees Listen to Music?

Currently, music is a big part of many individual’s lives. There...
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Letting Go of a Grudge at Work

Most people have had a time where someone has hurt...
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