Are Snacks in the Workplace Helping or Hurting Employees?

Company-provided snacks are becoming a popular perks for companies to provide. According to the 2018 Benefits Survey done by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number of companies offering free snacks in the workplace has increased by 12% over the past five years. If you offer food in your workplace, you’ve probably seen […]

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Employees With Criminal Backgrounds

In order to find the best people for your company,...
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The Best Ways to Say No

In business, you have to say no. Whether it’s because...
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How to Prevent Discrimination and Harassment in Your Workplace

As an employer, preventing discrimination and harassment in your workplace...
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How to Keep New Hires

Even after you’ve gone through the process of interviewing, extending...
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Promoting Work-Life Balance in Your Workplace

Separating work and life can be a difficult challenge. Life...
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How to Create a Productive Environment for Introverted Employees

What is an introvert? An introvert can be defined as someone who loses energy when spending time with people and uses alone time to recharge that energy. Introverts are generally more quiet and thoughtful and may have trouble sharing thoughts in loud meetings. The best, most diverse teams have a mix of extroverts and introverts. […]

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When Should You Offer Time Off?

Providing time off isn’t only a good way to restore...
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How to Fire an Employee Respectfully

You have an employee you need to fire. You’ve had...
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Why You Should Make Employee Happiness a Priority

We all know that happy employees are more motivated and...
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