Five Daily Activities to Boost Employee Engagement

With any change you are looking to make in your organization, it can be difficult to know where to start. Tackling employee engagement is no different. The statistics are clear. You have likely heard by now that nearly 70% off the workforce is disengaged costing the US over $450 billion dollars per year. Improving employee […]

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41 Examples of Rock Star Employees

The first Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation Day,...
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Seven Common Pitfalls of Employee Recognition

Recognizing the outstanding performance of your employees is vital to...
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7 Ways to Pump Up the Energy in Your Workplace

It becomes more noticeable every day that employees are not...
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What is a 1095 Tax Form?

This year, as a result of regulations in the Affordable...
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Six Steps for Year End Self-Review and Goal Setting

The end of the year is a great time for...
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10 Ways to Take Employee Engagement to the Next Level

Employee engagement is something that is discussed often in small businesses and among HR professionals. According to Gallup, only 31% of the American workforce is actively engaged in their work, but here is a lot of evidence showing that actively engaged employees are also your highest performers. It is important that small business leaders take […]

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Lack of Communication is the Top Employee Complaint

What is the top complaint your employees have about their...
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Make Communication a Priority

As a small business leader, you have a lot on...
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A Positive Employer Brand is Key to Attraction and Retention

We hear from many small businesses that attracting and retaining...
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