Protecting Your Most Valuable Resource – Your Income

According to the Earnable Income Quotient (EIQ) calculator, a 35 year old earning $50,000 annually today, is likely to earn close to $2.4 million before their working career comes to an end.  What would you do to protect an asset that was going to pay you $2.4 million? If it wasn’t for a paycheck most […]

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Common Interviewing Mistakes

As I have been preparing for our monthly HR Webinar...
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The Danger of Improper Language Creating a Hostile Work Environment

If you have been following the news the past several...
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Affordable Care Act Employer Mandate Delayed to 2015

The Affordable Care Act has significantly altered how businesses address...
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Five Things You Should Know About Health Care Reform

A majority of the changes due to the health care...
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Affordable Care Act Sends Businesses Looking for Options

With the uncertainty surrounding the changing health care market, many...
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Small Business Resource Center

There are thousands of resources for small business owners, but how do you sift through the data to find the information you’re looking for? We have included a simplified list that is focused on tips from government and private agencies. These sites will provide access and information regarding changing legislation,  potential funding opportunities, and management […]

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New-Hire Reporting Change

Employers must report new hires to the Utah Department of...
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Utah’s OneStop Business Registration Program Enhanced

Utah was the first state to streamline business registration, putting...
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Developing An Effective Safety Program

Developing An Effective Safety Program – A 3 Part Series...
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