Reducing Workplace Stress

Let’s face it, even if you enjoy what you do, work can be stressful. As a business owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate. Your employees may also be feeling stressed, leading to lower morale and productivity. In your next staff meeting, feel free to share some of these tips to help […]

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Independent Contractor vs. Employee- What are the risks?

You may think that a worker’s status as an independent...
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Creating your Company Dress Code

If you don’t have a dress code, it might be...
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Keep Your Employees Safe While They Drive

The number one cause of workplace death is car accidents....
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Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors Can be Costly

Many employers will consider classifying their workers as independent contractors...
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A Consistent Discipline Program Protects Employers from Unnecessary Cost and Liability

Having a consistent disciplinary policy has many benefits for companies....
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Top Concern by Small Business Owners in 2014 is Workplace Safety

Small business owners have a lot on their mind and a lot on their plates.  Among top concerns named by business owners in a survey conducted by Employers, a small business insurance specialist, employee safety was number one. Thirty five percent of respondents stated that they expect to spend the most time addressing workplace safety […]

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The ACA and Taxes

The Affordable Care Act has had a significant impact on...
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The Danger of Ignoring Employee Garnishments

Along with payroll and taxes, many employers find themselves burdened...
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Employee Travel Time and the FLSA

Recently, a client posed a different and rather difficult question...
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