7 Important Tips to Employee Needs & Retention

One thing we often hear from the small business leaders we work with is how challenging it is to retain good employees. This is especially true in competitive job markets where skilled workers may encounter new job opportunities at every turn. Keeping employees around really boils down to one thing; having great leaders. According to […]

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Build String & Company Culture Lessons from Netflix

When it comes to culture, the giants like Netflix and...
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Recent Changes to State and Local Minimum Wage

Although federal minimum wage remains at $7.25 and has not...
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Ensure Your Summer Employees Comply With Youth Employment Laws

Each year, millions of teenagers take on summer jobs. Early...
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Why Successful Onboarding Improves Employee Retention

We all know how time consuming and exhausting it is...
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Improve Employee Morale and Productivity by Encouragement

Imagine you have an entire team of employees who are...
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8 First-Aid Tips That Could Save an Employee’s Life

Thousands of employees are killed or suffer serious injuries at work every year. Yet, a staggering 58 percent of employees are unfamiliar with their organization’s health and safety practices, according to a study conducted by international safety barrier manufacturer, A-SAFE. Review these eight simple first-aid tips with your employees to ensure that your whole team […]

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Five Ways to Immediately Improve Your Interview Process

Making a bad hiring decision is one of the biggest...
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Prevent Heat Sickness as Temperatures Rise

Hot weather, especially when combined with strenuous physical labor, can...
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Changes to Overtime Regulations and Compensatory Time Off

Last year, discussion about changes to overtime regulations dominated a...
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