People make split second judgments based off of appearances. Your company gets judged in the same way by new hires. A strong employer brand will help you tell the story about what it is like to work for your organization and help new hires come to you.

Here are some ways for you to improve your employer brand:

Get Leaders Involved

Take time to get your company’s leaders on board with sharing their vision for the company brand. Once your leaders are all in, they can become a face of the organization. This will make your company seem more human and friendly.

Be Consistent

Individuals in your company should all convey the same message of your brand. Your brand should be uniform in every department. Encourage your employees to share experiences working for your company on social media or other public sources. This will help to show potential hires that people enjoy working at your company. It will also make your company seem more personal.

Show Off Your Business Culture

Create easy ways for potential hires to hear about your company and your company culture through your website or social media pages. This will reach out to the new, tech centered, generation of hires. Whatever medium you’re using, make sure your business culture shines through.

These simple steps can drastically increase your company’s success when it comes to attracting new hires.