Turnover is when employees leave your company. This means the employees that you’ve invested time and training in, are leaving. How can this be a good thing? There are certain situations where turnover can be beneficial to the innovation and success of your company. However, turnover does still have its dark side. These are the times when turnover is good, and when it is bad: 

When Turnover Is Bad 

  • When it’s because of a manager’s behavior: Employees might be convinced to leave because of an unkind or ineffective manager. Be careful to ask leaving employees what motivated them to leave. If it was because of a manager’s behavior, then address the problematic manager and provide necessary support and training to change the behavior.  
  • As a result of lack of purpose: Your employees want to know that they’re making a difference at your company. Without this recognition, employees are more likely to leave your company. Recognize all your employees for the work they do to decrease this kind of turnover.  

When Turnover Can be Good 

  • During a major transition: When you’re implementing a huge shift in your company, it is very alarming when employees start to leave. You might be wondering if you should be undertaking this change and whether you are doing something wrong. Despite your initial reaction, this sort of turnover can be a good thing. The employees who are quitting during this period of change are the ones not suited for what the change requires. This leaves the employees that have (hopefully) embraced the change and will be productive with the new company shift.  

As you experience turnover in your company, it is important to do something about it. If it is a bad type of turnover, make the necessary adjustments. If it is good turnover, make sure you stay positive and keep your company moving forward. Use these tips the next time you experience turnover to better your company.