Scott Schwab was frustrated with the lack of communication and transparency with his benefits and payroll vendor. That coupled with rising employee benefits costs led him to search for a new solution.


Through some existing relationships, Schwab was introduced to Helpside. He was pleased to find that everyone at the company had a high level of accountability and integrity.


Building relationships with individuals at Helpside and having dedicated service representatives available to help his employees, has given Scott peace of mind, allowing him to focus on his true passions.

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“As a small business owner, my resources are limited. Putting on another hat that says benefits or HR expert, would be too much of a burden for me or one of my employees. I know those things are taken care of by Helpside.”

Scott Schwab

Owner of Bottega

As his business grew and added employees, Scott knew he would need to find a vendor for payroll and employee benefits. The experience he had with the first vendor he selected was very impersonal. There was frustration caused by the lack of communication and lack of transparency, as well as the rising cost of employee benefits. This led to Scott to search for a different solution.

From the start, he knew working with Helpside would be different. He was pleased to see that Helpside had a high level of accountability and integrity that was missing from previous vendors.

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As a thriving financial technology company located in Utah, MetaStock attributes much of its success to the ability to find and keep great employees.

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Absolute Air came to Helpside because they were looking for a benefits package that offered more choices for their employees.

Premier Plastics

Premier Plastics understands their employees make the difference in their success. Retaining employees in a competitive job market has been easier due to their outstanding company culture.