Absolute Air was looking for a benefits package that met the needs of all of their employees; from the owners to a 22-year-old apprentice. Their previous vendor couldn’t provide that, so they searched for something different.


After comparing several vendors, Helpside was the perfect fit. With a variety of options for health, dental, vision and supplemental insurances each employee at Absolute Air can choose a customized benefits package.


Absolute Air stands out from competitors not only by offering excellent service to customers, but also by recruiting high-quality employees with their unique benefits offerings.

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“The people at Helpside have been great. Every time I reach out, I hear back almost immediately, always that same day. With other vendors it would be frustrating waiting for a response for our employees.”

Jalyce Robinson

Office Manager at Absolute Air

With a diverse workforce, Jalyce Robinson needed to find something that could meet the needs of everyone, from the owners of the company to a 22-year-old apprentice.

After comparing multiple vendor options, Helpside stood out as the perfect fit. With seven different health plan options, four dental options, two vision options, and a number of supplemental benefits like life insurance, disability, and 401(k), each employee at Absolute Air was able to choose a customized benefits package that met their budget and the needs of their family.

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As a thriving financial technology company located in Utah, MetaStock attributes much of its success to the ability to find and keep great employees.


As his business grew and added employees, Scott Schwab knew he would need to find a vendor for payroll and employee benefits.

Premier Plastics

Premier Plastics understands their employees make the difference in their success. Retaining employees in a competitive job market has been easier due to their outstanding company culture.