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“I haven’t worried about payroll in 20 years. I know I am in compliance because I work with Helpside. It’s pretty much hands-free and worry-free,”

Tracy Stocking

President, TSA Architects

TSA Architects is a healthcare focused architectural firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since they first partnered with Helpside, TSA Architects has grown 400%. One key to being able to compete for top employee talent with other companies in their industry is their employee benefits package.

Offering six different health plans, four dental plans, and three vision plans along with a 401(k) and additional supplemental benefits isn’t something a business of their size would have access to anywhere else. Tracy says, “Accessing Helpside’s buying power really makes the difference.”

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Hearth and Hill

Brooks Kirchheimer fell in love with the restaurant industry at a young age. When the time was right for him to open his own restaurant, he knew he wanted to do things differently when it came to his employees.


For CERTS, a group of residential treatment centers in Utah, creating efficiencies in payroll, benefits, and employee onboarding has been important.

Wyoming Humanities Council

Non-profit organizations face additional government oversight and budgetary restrictions. Finding the right partners is key to attracting the right employees to advance the organization’s mission.


As a thriving financial technology company located in Utah, MetaStock attributes much of its success to the ability to find and keep great employees.

Premier Plastics

Premier Plastics understands their employees make the difference in their success. Retaining employees in a competitive job market has been easier due to their outstanding company culture.