We love the opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing employees who help make our small business clients successful.

The first Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation Day, so we asked clients to share the story of one of their great employees to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the company’s success.

Here are some of the stories of employees going above and beyond for their companies:

B.O.S.S. Retirement – Joe K.
Joe is always willing to help where needed, regardless of whether it’s “his” job. He is always cheerful and has a welcoming and warm disposition.
Recognized by Spencer Brown

Nutrition West – Kathy M.         
Without question, my outstanding employee is Kathy.  She is always flexible, happy to fill-in or work extended hours with a smile.  She is a wealth of nutritional knowledge sharing it with co-workers and customers. She does all of this with a calm, helpful attitude.
Recognized by Rhonda Barker

Pupford – David J.
David is always around and available for his team. He has a contagious attitude of optimism and wants to make everyone around him love and perform well at their job.
Recognized by Jacob Young        

Hearth & Hill – Hortencia P.
Hortencia is a dishwasher with us, and always comes in every night with a smile on her face and a “can do” attitude. No matter how busy things are, she jumps right in and gets the job done and never ever complains. She is well respected by her fellow associates, and will do anything you ask of her. She is one of those associates that you never have to think about, and you can always depend on!
Recognized by Brooks Kirchheimer

Urban Hill – Gabi S.
Gabi opened Urban Hill with us a few months ago and has been a shining star! She started with us as a host and has also served and bussed. Basically, anything she is asked to do, she jumps in with a positive attitude and does! She is fully dedicated to Urban Hill and is one of the most grateful associates we have on our team.
Recognized by Brooks Kirchheimer

Cimetrix – Heather H.
Heather has taken over the recruiting function at Cimetrix, adding a seasoned professional to the role and freeing up the time of the HR manager. Since joining us in August, she has assisted in bringing on six new employees for our growing company.  Heather has quickly become a trusted advisor to the hiring managers of Cimetrix, being someone they can consult with for the best strategy for bringing on new employees. Heather has a great focus on continuous improvement and has been successful in implementing several changes to improve our hiring process.
Recognized by Brice Laris            

Key Property Management – Emily V.    
Emily single-handedly manages the calendars of all of our corporate staff, she maintains all of our employee files and does payroll. She also talks to tenants and handles tenant complaints and amazingly, she does all of this on a part-time basis. We would be lost without Emily!
Recognized by Tammy Hart

Utah Community Development Corporation – Dixie S.
Dixie is an extremely hard worker, and is an amazing example of dedication. She is never late for work. She gets along with everyone and doesn’t cause office drama. Everyone should have a Dixie!
Recognized by Caryl Eriksson

Kimball Condominiums Owners Association – Dawn S.  
She is always going the extra mile for guests regardless of how long she’s been on duty. She crosses over into other departments to help without being asked. Lights up everyone around her because of her cheerful nature regardless of how challenging the day might be.
Recognized by Lon Hurst

Smart Solutions – Bobbi W.
Loyalty, patience, works great with both difficult employees and customers
Recognized by Craig Swett

Smith Knowles, P.C. – Ariana S.
She just started here in August 2022. She is an extremely fast learner and has picked up on so much since she started here. She has completely taken over the billing for all 12 attorneys. She does all the accounts receivable. She helps out with anything that I ask her to do without complaint. She is freaking awesome. I can’t do my job without her.
Recognized by Joylinn Mildon

Griffith Engineering Services – Jack C.    
Jack manages projects independently, and always has a kind word to say, endearing him to co-workers and customers alike. Jack is always looking for a new adventure, is willing to take on other’s burdens.
Recognized by Kathi Griffith

ADS Steel Detailing – Christian M.          
Christian works independently and always has a smile on his face and a kind word for others. He does whatever it takes to keep a client happy and keep projects on schedule.
Recognized by Kathi Griffith

MKE Steel Detailing – Sunil J.
Sunil is always willing to take the difficult jobs that no one else wants. He has a good attitude and is willing to put in overtime as needed. Sunil is loyal to customers and also the company.
Recognized by Kathi Griffith

GCO Product Engineering – Craig G.
Craig is very focused when he gets going on a project. He is willing to learn new things and has a good attitude about the work.
Recognized by Kathi Griffith

Allred’s – Sarah N.    
Sarah has a deep-rooted work ethic and has powerful integrity that we do not take for granted.  These values are widely recognized by many at Allred’s.
Recognized by Katie Parry

Utah Foundation – Christopher C.
Christopher is the Swiss Army Knife of the Utah Foundation. If something is needed, he knows how to do it, or figures it out. And he thrives on that sort of thing. This makes him outstanding.
Recognized by Shawn Teigen     

Bottega University – Zachary K.
Zach’s consistency, thoroughness, and leadership since joining Bottega has had a significant contribution in our 2022 success. Three things stand out for Zach: Demonstrated sound, ethical decisions in regards to handling student issues (especially in regards to VA and Amazon students). Consistently takes initiative to solve problems and increase efficiencies. Improved the performance of his colleagues by raising the bar and by providing kind assistance to co-workers.
Recognized by Dr. Tim Harrington

Little Adventures – Megan
Megan is a highly valued employee because of her willingness to do whatever is needed to help the company. Whether they need help in the shipping warehouse or someone needs help creating a new system, she happily steps in to help and figure it out! Megan has been a valuable asset to me as an owner because of her willingness to pick up all the little tasks that don’t really fit into anyone’s job description. She is quick to jump in and help with all the random stuff even when her regular job tasks have her working in overdrive.
Recognized by Jenny Harrison    

JT Steel – Wendy P.
She is always early to work, even in bad weather.  She goes above and beyond in her job helping others out when they have a problem.  She has so much knowledge in our industry and helps to sort out problems, sharing that knowledge.
Recognized by Lesley Goodman

YWCA of Sweetwater County – Jane M.
Jane became one of our two Child Care Assistant Directors in July, 2022. She was promised training in her new supervisory position, but before that training could be offered, she became the sole assistant director due to the other one sustaining an injury and going out on FMLA. Jane is a single mom in a new position who had to move buildings and age groups that she was teaching. She totally stepped up and handled everything admirably. Now that things are getting back to normal, she is getting some one on one training that was promised to her, although she both survived and thrived during her baptism.
Recognized by Cheryl Petek

Reddish Pharmacy – Susan P.
Susan joined our pharmacy team approximately 1 year ago as a part-time technician. Although she had no pharmacy experience, I knew she was a hard worker and had excellent people skills since I have known her for years. Last fall one of our full-time technicians decided to leave and left us in a major bind since it was during flu season which is one of the busiest times of the year. Susan agreed to fill in full-time until we could find a replacement, which took much longer than expected for various reasons. She never complained and was a huge help during that transition. I don’t know what we would have done had she not stepped up and helped out when we needed it most.
Recognized by Kevin Reddish      

Dynasthetics – Megan H.
Megan brings a great attitude and fun personality to work each day. She has figured out how to make a difficult assignment to move much more smoothly than in the past and handles and increasing workload efficiently.  We love having her in our office and she genuinely contributes to the bottom line of the company and to our company culture.
Recognized by Steve Blackwell

Built Brands – Edgar A.
Edgar is an amazing employee. He’s always willing to switch shifts, work longer or extra hours, and is ALL IN when it comes to Built. He’s taking English classes to help better himself, and we’re super lucky to have Edgar. He’s the hardest working manager we have!
Recognized by Shannon McQuarrie

Listo Global – Judianne O.
She’s dedicated, a self-starter, and a blast to work with.
Recognized by Tyler Dixon

Kingbee Rentals – Edward A.
He is a hard worker and goes above and beyond what is expected of him.
Recognized by Cassandra Reed  

Little Learners of Price – Jasmil S.
She’s always trying her best and she is really good with the kids she cares for.
Recognized by JoAnna Hagen

Robertson’s Marine – Brent T.
He is always on time, doesn’t mind pitching in and helping in other areas.
Recognized by Susan Robertson

Clegg Engine – Tieson E.
He works hard, great customer service and he really cares about the company.
Recognized by Taylor Clegg

Peak Measurement – Dakota J. 
Dakota is a hard worker who is happy to work through difficult tasks to get the job done.
Recognized by Jennifer Roberts

Moab Paleosafari – Dennis S.    
Dependable; knowledgable; a great friend
Recognized by Angelica Dixon    

Hitek Electronic Security – Tim J.            
Best Technician/Engineer in Utah. Employee for over 30 years.
Recognized by Fred Fullmer

Dunn Construction – Bryce N.
Bryce has an unwavering dedication to his job which makes working with him so easy!!!!
Recognized by Angie Frisbey

Aaron’s Water Service – Cory D.
She is reliable, proactive, problem-solving skills and great team member!!
Recognized by Kate Pfeiler          


Thank you for sharing these great stories with us!