Effective May 1, 2018, the Utah State Tax Commission announced that they have released a revision to the Utah Withholding Tax Tables. With the combination of the this new state income tax table and the recent federal income tax changes, there is a possibility that employees will experience an increase in Utah state income tax withholding.

The biggest change is that the state of Utah no longer recognizes the number of exemptions an employee claims.  If employee A and employee B make the same amount of gross taxable earnings and employee A claims Married and 99 exemptions and employee B claims Married and 0 exemptions, they will have the same amount of Utah income tax withheld. Utah’s tax withholding tables now go only by income and single or married filing status.

Employees who want to gain a better understanding of the impact of these tax law changes on their personal finances should seek advice from a certified tax professional. If employees would like to make a change to their Form W-4, they can do so on the Helpside website.

Below is a link that the Utah State Tax Commission has posted to help employees estimate their 2018 Utah Income tax for the year: