Employee turnover is a huge concern for businesses of all sizes and there is a good reason for it. Statistics show that over half of employees are not engaged in their work and would be open to finding a new job opportunity. The good news is there are a few small things every business leader can do to help ensure their best employee talent sticks around long-term.

Engage all employees in one-on-one discussions
Often company leaders will only offer one-on-one coaching to supervisors in executives in their organizations. To keep employees at all levels engaged, conduct one-on-one meetings with everyone. These meetings give you the opportunity to address any employee concerns early on and offer meaningful, ongoing feedback. You can determine how often these discussions need to occur; weekly, bi-weekly or at least monthly.

Help employees find fulfillment in their work
Take advantage of your time in these one-on-one discussions to discover what motivates your employees. What are their true passions? Do they have untapped skills that their current role doesn’t allow them to utilize? Really get to know your employees and help them find ways to be fulfilled by their work.

Take time to evaluate the ROI of your one-on-one coaching
Make sure this time with employees isn’t just you checking a box on your to-do list. If it is, and you aren’t taking full advantage of this time, you won’t see the kind of improvement you are looking for in employee engagement and satisfaction. Make sure you are investing time in the preparation for these meetings and actually acting on the feedback you receive from employees.

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