There are a lot of problems that can come up in your company. Some of these problems may be big, others will be small. Compliance problems frequently are the messiest and most headache inducing problems that can come up in your company. You see the news littered with the nightmare of lawsuits and shutdowns due to compliance issues and hope you will never have to go through that. Here are some of the worst compliance issues to deal with and how to avoid them: 

Wage Laws 

Any violations of wage laws can lead to owing thousands of dollars in penalties more than it would have cost to pay the full wage in the first place. Not only that, but wage mistakes can lead to lawsuits and make you seem like a cheap or unethical leader even when most often they are honest mistakes. Make sure you know the minimum wage rates set for your state. Additionally, you need to be very careful about keeping track of overtime wages. It is your responsibility to track employee hours. Helpside can answer any questions you have about overtime and minimum wage. 


Discriminating against an employee for their race, color, sex, religion, nationality, age, disability, or genetic information is illegal and will get you into serious trouble. Discrimination can find its way anywhere in your company but is usually located places like your pay or hiring practices. Check all the policies and practices in your company for discrimination and ask your employees to share any concerns 


Workplace harassment can happen in a variety of ways, each of which are threatening to your employees’ mental and physical health. If you find any signs of harassment in your company, investigate and take the appropriate disciplinary action. Providing harassment training to employees on a regular basis can help ensure that employees understand what is expected of them. If you have any questions about harassment, please reach out to Helpside 

Use this advice to stay in compliance, keep your employees happy and safe, and avoid any unwanted legal attention.