Creativity can be a big competitive advantage for small businessYou might do creativity training or try your best to encourage your employees to be creative. However, some of your beliefs about creativity actually make it harder for your employees to be creative. Test your knowledge with the statements below. Are these statements true or myths?

Myth: New Ideas Come Suddenly

This is a myth. Most ideas do not come suddenly in an epiphany moment. Even if an idea does come on suddenly, it’s usually after a lot of hard work or research on a specific issue that the idea comes. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, put time and work into any problem you have. Still, be sure to allow yourself breaks as you might find that your mind has finally put together a solution.

Myth: People Aren’t Born Creative

This is true. There’s no such thing as a more creative breed. Also, creativity is more than being artistic, crafty, or musically talented. The people who put in the most work and care into something are the most likely to find creative solutions. Encourage yourself and employees to put hard work into finding solutions.

Myth: Solutions Only Come from Experts

This is a myth. Experts are best to find solutions in the field they’re experts in only most of the time. Sometimes, experts just can’t get the job done. It may be better to have an outsider look at a problem. They see things from a different perspective and aren’t familiar with any of the restrictions. This can make for a more creative, and effective, solution.

Myth: Teamwork Can Foster Creativity

This is true. A lot of the time, teams make for a great creative environment, despite the incorrect idea that most creative works are made by an individual. Encourage productive teamwork to promote creativity in your company.

Use these ideas to help increase creativity in your workplace.