Managing remote teams requires a different approach than managing employees in-person. In addition to managing your one-on-one relationships differently, you also have to consider new ways to keep your team connected to each other. Remote teams, like all teams, are built of a variety of people and personalities. An added challenge with remote working, can be a difference in time zones or work schedules. Under these circumstances, it can be difficult to make sure that your remote team is all on the same page and united in their efforts. Here are some ways to make it easier:

Communicate Frequently

A big part of keeping your remote team united is communicationIf your team doesn’t even know the goals to work towards, there’s no way they will be united in their efforts. Send out updates through emails or video call meetings. You should also consider having daily check-ins to allow your team members to ask any questions they might have. This will make it easier for your employees to understand goals and expectations.

Another part of communication is forming relationships. When your team works remotely it makes it hard to have honest conversations about their lives. Try to create informal discussions to get to know your team members better. This will create unity and understanding between you and your team.

Tie Everything to the Main Goals

Your team members might be curious as to why certain tasks are necessary or helpful. For each task you give your employees, explain how it applies to the bigger picture. This will help employees feel more motivated to do tasks that seems pointless to them at first. Additionally, it will unite your team under the main goals of your company.

Build Trust

Your job as a leader can be made much easier if your employees trust you. It will make them more willing to listen and will increase productivity and satisfaction at your workplace. To build trust, show your employees you trust them. Involve them in discussions about goals and what goals should be set. This will unite your team under your leadership and the goals you’ve set together.

Use these tips to unite your team, even those employees working remotely, under your company’s goals.