A sense of belonging can go a long way in your teams. If your employees feel like they belong in your company they are less likely to quit and more likely to enjoy their job. But how can you create that sense of belonging in your company? Here are some tips:  

Find Purpose 

As the leader of a small business, you may feel that your company is too small to have an impactful purpose. This isn’t true. Any purpose that can drive you and your employees is big enough to be important. Think about the reasons your company exists. Why do customers choose to work with you? What difference do you make in their lives? Allow your employees to collaborate on what they believe their purpose is. Once you’ve nailed down a purpose, connect this purpose to daily work to increase motivation and productivity.  


While an overdose of pride can lead to poor behavior and an inflated ego, a healthy amount of pride in the work you’ve accomplished can be a great motivational booster. Giving teams opportunities to feel proud of their collective work will unite them and make them happier to work. You can do this by publicly congratulating teams on a job well done. Or, you can offer a reward for when teams reach a certain quota.  

Show Gratitude 

Employees want to stay at companies that give back to them. Giving back to your employees doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Small sincere acts are the best way to show employees you are grateful for their contributions. These small acts can be a note thanking them for their contributions, a shoutout in a team meeting, or a meaningful gift. Taking the time to show gratitude to your employees will make them feel noticed and important to the company.  

Creating a work environment where employees feel they belong will improve your company culture. Use this advice to create a sense of belonging in your teams.