Have you ever tried to do something nice for someone, only to be disappointed when they didn’t appreciate it as much as you hoped?  This is something you don’t want to happen when offering incentives to employees. The goal of an incentive program is to give employees a reason to be motivated and excited to come to work. You can’t achieve this effect if the incentives aren’t effective. Here are some ways to create incentive programs that your employees will appreciate:

Incorporate Wellness

Wellness, physical or mental, is critical to finding satisfaction at work and in life. If you want employees to feel excited about coming to work, make sure their wellness is a priority. There are many forms of wellness programs that can also function as incentive programs and there are many wellness-based incentives that you can choose to offer. Some of these include gym memberships, a meditation app subscription, workout equipment, etc.

Reevaluate Frequently

One reason your employees may not be interested in your incentive program is because it’s outdated. Your workforce’s needs and wants are constantly shifting. Your incentive program should be able to shift with them. Ask employees what they would like as incentives and try to apply those suggestions. If you’re seeing a drop in interest in the incentive program even when employee needs haven’t shifted, find ways to switch up your incentives to excite your employees.

Use Mixed Incentives

Only using monetary incentives is not the best way to go for your incentive program. Many employees appreciate thoughtful or unique incentives more than a monetary bonus. This means that even if you are unable to offer extra money as a motivator, you can still create an effective incentive program. But using a mix of monetary and non-monetary incentives can help you get the best of both rewards.

Finding ways to motivate your employees will make your company a happier place to work. Use this advice to create an incentive program your employees can get behind.