Employee surveys are a great way for employers and managers to receive honest feedback from their employees. Many companies use the feedback they receive on surveys to see what improvements can be made to their employees and the company culture.  

Providing frequent employee surveys can help employers stay up to date with their employees.  

Types of employee surveys  

There are several types of employee surveys that can help a company receive different kinds of feedback. Here are some key surveys to consider including in your company:  

  • Employee engagement surveys: These surveys are conducted to ask your employees if they feel valued and appreciated and what can be done to improve the amount of gratitude they receive. It is beneficial to also have managers take this survey.  
  • Annual review surveys: Annual review surveys are conducted to review and evaluate employee performance.  
  • Employee satisfaction surveys: Employee satisfaction surveys are conducted to ask employees how satisfied they are with their compensation, benefits, work schedule, and other work-related topics.  
  • Company culture surveys: These surveys measure how a companies’ behaviors match their company values.  

Benefits of employee surveys 

Regularly collecting feedback and measuring employee satisfaction has many benefits for your company. Here are some ways employee surveys can help your company:  

  • Employee honesty: Providing anonymous employee surveys will help employees feel comfortable speaking up about their thoughts and concerns. Employers can then use the anonymous data to find ways to improve their organization and increase employee satisfaction.  
  • Increased employee retention: Employee surveys can help employers resolve conflicts before they become a bigger problem. Without employee surveys, it may be more difficult for employers to know about the concerns and problems that their employees are being faced with. Addressing problems early on can help maintain employee satisfaction, which increases retention.  
  • Big picture thinking: It can be easy for employees to get lost in day-to-day routines and tasks and forget about the bigger picture. Conducting employee surveys allows employees to ponder about how they contribute to an organization and are helping the company reach its goals. These surveys can help employees think about the bigger picture and how they are helping progress and improve the company.  


Employee surveys are beneficial because they help companies receive honest feedback. While one-on-one meetings can be a great way to personally communicate with employees, anonymous surveys help employees feel even more comfortable about speaking up. Conducting employee surveys can be very beneficial for increasing employee satisfaction and retention.