There has been a lot of talk about diversity in our world recently. You’ve likely seen advice for implementing diversity programs, increasing diversity while hiring, and having difficult diversity-related discussions at work. But diversity does not come in just one form. Here are some different ways to think about diversity and how it can improve your company:  

Racial Diversity 

Having racial diversity in your company involves bringing people of differing cultures and backgrounds together in your workplace. Because of this, racial diversity pushes your company culture into a more inclusive and understanding place. A culture of understanding and acceptance will increase employee retention and will draw more employees to your company.  

Age Diversity 

With a variety of ages comes a variety of experience. When you have employees with unique experiences, they can offer unique solutions to the problems that come up. Additionally, age differences can create great learning opportunities for both your older and younger employees.  

 Education Diversity 

College degrees and training certificates come in hundreds of subjects and specialties. There’s a good chance that there are many degrees and levels of education that can be helpful to you. Though you may think only the most educated employees are worth hiring, that’s not always the case. Employees love to grow and learn in their job and when they feel they’re progressing, turnover drops and motivation goes up. Hiring less educated employees can give you the opportunity to teach employees and foster loyalty in your employees.  

There are many ways to think about diversity in your company. Even small businesses can find ways to increase diversity and reap the rewards for the company and your employees.