Gossip can be a dangerous thing to have in your workplace. Most gossip comes out of a place of uncertainty and fear, and only promotes those feelings further. Letting these feelings and gossiping behavior continue can create a workplace of mistrust, uncertainty, and hurt feelings. Here are a few ways to discourage gossiping in your workplace: 

Be Open

Gossip often begins because of miscommunication. When things aren’t clear, people come up with their own explanations that can be damaging to your company. Make sure to keep clear lines of open communication so you can be honest with your employees about any changes or struggles that have come up. This will allow the truth to circulate through your company and will prevent employees from feeling concerned about misinformation. 

Go to the Source 

In an environment with gossiping, some of that gossip is going to reach you. No matter the subject of the gossip, make sure to go to the source before acting. For example, if you hear that one of your employees is overwhelmed by their workload, talk to that employee before taking anything off their workload. If you were to remove some of that employee’s work based off of something you heard, that may not be correct, your actions may be met with anger and frustration rather than relief. 

Set Clear Boundaries 

It is possible that some of your employees are participating in unwanted gossip and don’t even realize it. Setting clear boundaries can help your employees to understand what they should and shouldn’t do. If individuals cross these boundaries after they are set, make sure to address the incorrect behavior and why it is wrong. This will help you and your employees eliminate unhealthy gossiping in your company.  

Follow this advice to discourage gossip in your workplace.