Employee engagement in the United States has reached its lowest point in 11 years. In 2024, only 30% of employees consider themselves highly involved and excited about their work.  

With engagement steadily dropping, employers need to prioritize strategies that enhance workplace satisfaction and motivation among their employees.  

Here are four ways to help increase employee engagement:  

Encourage interaction 

Social connections in the workplace can motivate employees to show up to work each day. Employers should encourage employees to interact and socialize with one another because it can help reduce stress and help improve the workplace culture.  

To help encourage interaction, employers should consider arranging team lunches, organizing team building activities, or simply encouraging employees to have the freedom to get up and chat with their colleagues. 

Focus on employee wellbeing 

When employers prioritize their employees, it creates a sense of value and motivation among them. To prioritize employee wellbeing, it is important to actively listen to their feedback. For example, leaders should regularly schedule one-on-one meetings where they can inquire about their employees’ engagement levels and solicit suggestions for improvement. 

 When employees share what motivates them to excel, leaders should strive to integrate these motivators into the company’s practices and culture. This approach fosters a more supportive and engaging workplace environment. 

Provide flexibility  

When employees feel like they are not given any flexibility, it can decrease their engagement and desire to go to work. Some ways to offer flexibility include:  

Oftentimes a restrictive environment can lead to decreased engagement, so it is important for leaders to provide their workers with a flexible work environment.  

Improve company culture  

If employees have raised concerns about harassment, bullying, or discrimination in the workplace, leaders need to address the issue promptly. These matters not only impact employee engagement, but they can also give your company a bad reputation if it is not resolved.  

If leaders stay on the lookout for ways to improve their company culture, then it will help increase engagement and motivation.  

As engagement levels hit their lowest point in over a decade, leaders should actively seek ways to boost engagement within their company. Consider implementing these tips to enhance engagement.