You may be surprised to know that the companies that reach the top of the “best companies to work for” lists are not there because of their outrageous perks While companies like Google offer perks such as free food in the cafeteria, the free food alone is not going to attract and retain the key people they need. The strategy behind the perk and the way the perk is designed is what makes the difference. A recent article in FoSaladrtune highlights just what it is that makes a company “great to work for” and it’s all about relationships, not perks.

Google offers free food in their cafeteria for all employees. The reason they do this is so that employees stay at the office and eat together, developing personal relationships with their co-workers. Everything about how Google designed this perk is a science, from the wait times in the lines so that employees have time to stop and chat, to the layout and design of the tables and chairs. It’s not just about getting free lunch. It’s about developing a company culture that values employees and shows them that they do on a daily basis.

Think about this when you are looking to add a perk for your employees. What strategy can you employ that will give them employees something they will like, and also help foster personal relationships?