Mental health issues aren’t always as obvious as physical health challenges, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Having unattended mental health struggles in your workplace can cause a loss in productivity, revenue, and employee morale. One the other hand, giving employees’ mental health the attention it needs will increase happiness and motivation. Here are ways to encourage employees’ mental health in your company:

Provide Options

A big struggle with mental health issues is not knowing where to turn or what resources are available. As an employer, you can use benefits to help with this. Be open about the options your employees have to get help with your benefits program. Make sure every employee understands those options and how to access them. Doing this will help employees be able to proactively get help if they need to.

Minimize Stress

There can be a lot of stress in an employee’s life due to their home life or environmental factors. You may not be able to help with any of this stress, but you can prevent stress at work. Discourage unhealthy competition and overworking. Instead, encourage employees to take breaks and take care of their physical health to reduce stress. This will keep your employees from feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Emphasize Mental Health

Consistently reinforce that mental health is importantYou can do this a variety of different ways. One way is to teach your employees about mental health warning signs and how to spot them. You can also share you own experiences with mental health challenges, if you have any. This will help your employees feel comfortable asking for help or talking about their own mental health challenges.

Making sure your employees are mentally healthy is very important. Apply these tips to your company to help improve the mental health of your employees.