Dedicated, hardworking employees are necessary for the success and well being of your company. Great employees want to be in healthy work environments that allow for growth and a positive work experience. Part of creating that kind of environment is encouraging positive behaviors. Positive behaviors can be encouraged or discouraged depending on your actions as a leaderHere are ways to encourage positive behaviors and create a healthy work environment.   

Get the Right Motivation 

There are many ways to motivate your employeesthe key is finding the most effective one. Intrinsic motivation, wanting to do something with no outward incentive, is the most powerful form of motivation in the workplace. You can create intrinsic motivation by forming a strong connection between employee goals and company goals. Other motivations like bonuses, prizes, or activities can be great motivators as well. When looking for motivators that work best with your company, be wary of motivators that are competitive in nature as it can cause toxic competition 

Recognize Good Behavior 

Employees are more likely to engage in positive behaviors if they know they’ll be recognized for it. When you notice an employee setting a good example, take the time to recognize them publicly. Doing this often enough will not only encourage more positive behavior, but will also promote positive recognition between co-workers.  

Promote Belonging 

Feeling like you belong somewhere is often enough to encourage you to perform your best work. Make efforts to bring your teams together and encourage friendshipsAccording to research by Gallup, there is a concrete link between friendships at work and greater employee performance. Taking time to engage with your employees can also promote a sense of belonging for the employee. If you want employees to behave well, make sure they feel at home in the workplace.  

Fostering a healthy workplace can make a huge difference in the productivity and happiness of your employees. Use this advice to make a better workplace through encouraging positive behaviors.