Steve Anderson

VP Benefits

Steve has helped small businesses manage their employee benefits for more than 20 years. His experience and expertise has allowed Helpside to maintain a highly successful, one-of-a-kind health plan providing cost-effective coverage for thousands of clients and their employees. With a Master’s degree in Human Resources from Utah State University, Steve understands the impact that quality benefits have on employee engagement and retention.

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Justin Rowley

VP Risk Management

Justin manages Helpside’s unique workers’ compensation program, which allows small and medium-sized businesses to access coverage at an affordable cost that is usually only available to large corporations. His expertise and over 20 years of experience in the risk management industry allowed him to serve as the President and a board member of the Utah chapter of the Risk & Insurance Management Society (RiMS). With an MBA from University of Utah, Justin understands and helps clients overcome risk management challenges with practical solutions.

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Jason Transtrum

VP Finance

Jason has more than 20 years of experience and an MBA in Accounting from Utah State University. His education and experience in finance with a strong history in the small business environment allow him to provide solutions to our clients in the areas of payroll, taxes, and business process improvement.

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William Familia

VP Information Technology

William has more than 20 years of experience building custom software solutions and integrating with existing third-party solutions. He prides himself in building high value, easily maintained systems with an intentionally smaller development team, which is accomplished using advanced organizational and software architectural principles. He finds a lot of joy in the creative process of software development, and in enabling business process improvements through the use of technology. He and his team are always pushing to create tools that improve productivity, accuracy, and the overall technology experience – making it easier for our clients and their employees to take advantage of Helpside’s services.

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Mehana Currie

Director of Payroll Operations

Mehana has nearly three decades of experience in payroll processing and payroll management including time at Intel, Rio Tinto, and Comcast. At Helpside, Mehana and her team onboard close to a hundred new clients, nearly ten thousand new hires, process over twenty-eight thousand payrolls, and tens of thousands of paychecks each year, but payroll is about so much more than printing a paycheck. Mehana’s experience allows her to provide Helpside clients with practical solutions to payroll challenges, keeping employees happy and companies in compliance.

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Greg Williams

Director of Client Accounts

Greg and his team have helped thousands of small businesses in various industries overcome the challenges often faced by employers. From employee benefits, to payroll, to human resources, Greg’s experience allows him to present solutions that keep small business leaders focused on the growth and success of their business. His efforts in building relationships and creating the best possible client experience allow Helpside to maintain an over 90% client retention rate.

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Josh Hancey

Safety Director

Josh has more than a decade of experience in safety and human resources at companies like Vivint Solar and Intermountain Healthcare. Josh also has an MBA from Westminster College. He also has over 12 years of experience in the construction industry and holds several certifications in both safety and human resources. As Safety Director at Helpside, Josh assists hundreds of companies each year with developing safety programs that are cost-effective and get employees home to their families after each shift.

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Brandon White

HR Director

Brandon has a decade of Human Resources experience with major companies throughout Utah’s Wasatch front including Mountain Point Medical Center, Solutionreach, Zions Bancorporation and America First Credit Union. As an HR Manager, Brandon has helped thousands of supervisors and employees navigate complex employee relations issues. His experience allows him to make complicated employment situations and regulations approachable for small businesses.

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Rochele Bertasso

Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Rochele has a decade of experience in the HR and legal fields and holds a SHRM Senior Certified Professional designation. She uses her expertise to assist clients with employee leave law administration, employee relations, and HR compliance. She also helps clients navigate complicated ADA accommodations discussions with employees. From ADA, to FMLA, to FFCRA, Rochele makes these complicated laws approachable for small business leaders.

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Dave Ashby

Senior Business Consultant

With over 20 years of experience at Helpside and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Brigham Young University, Dave’s experience and expertise has allowed him to positively impact hundreds of small businesses in our community. He has a drive to learn from business leaders and find unique solutions to the benefits, payroll, human resources, and risk management challenges that companies in Utah and Wyoming face.

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Mike Burrahm

Senior Business Consultant

For more than 20 years, Mike has been as a strong advocate and valuable resource for small businesses in both Utah and Wyoming. Mike is particularly skilled at getting to know clients on a personal level and understanding their vision and goals for their business. His unique ability to build long-lasting relationships with his clients is a great example of Helpside’s commitment to customer service.

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Aaron Walker

Senior Software Developer

Aaron has more than 15 years of experience in software development, designing solutions that balance functionality with excellent user experience. He is great at building relationships with key stakeholders to ensure buy-in at every stage. His expertise allows him to build software solutions that make it easier for clients and their employees to interact with Helpside.

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Judy Thomas

Client Implementation Specialist

In her time at Helpside, Judy has onboarded hundreds of small businesses. Her expertise in payroll and taxes help her ensure a positive experience with Helpside from the beginning of the partnership. Judy’s strict attention to detail and skill at building client relationships makes it easy for leaders enjoy Helpside’s services.

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Brent Thomas

Client Success Manager

With over 20 years of experience working with small businesses at Helpside, Brent has seen it all. There isn’t any small business challenge he can’t find a solution to. He is skilled at building positive relationships with clients and has worked with many of them for more than a decade. With his expertise, Brent has helped hundreds of business leaders reap the rewards of partnering with Helpside.

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Tiana Sanchez

New Client Onboarding Specialist Client Success Manager

Tiana has worked in employee benefits and account management for more than a decade. In her current role, she ensures that clients have a positive experience with Helpside from the very beginning. From assisting with employee data collection to introducing our technology solutions, Tiana makes the onboarding process run smoothly for clients and their employees. Tiana is also a Client Success Manager for existing clients and loves building relationships and finding ways that Helpside can help clients reach their goals.

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