Have you ever looked around at your team of employees and wondering how you could get just a few more of the really great ones? I’m sure most business leaders have been in this position. Hiring new employees is difficult and time-consuming and mistakes in hiring are costly. Like everything else in business, having good strategy behind your hiring process is a great way to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.  Here are some tips to get started:startup-593296_1920

Understand what type of employee fits well within your company.

Take a hard look at your company culture and the types of employees who succeed within your organization. Create a vision for what your ideal employee would look like and stick with it. Ask questions in the interview that give you an idea of how an employee will fit. Don’t hire someone who looks great on paper but doesn’t mesh well with your company culture.

Have clear job descriptions.

Make sure that you are able to explain to job candidates exactly what will be required for the position. Setting accurate expectations from the start allows candidates to assess whether they would really be a good fit for the organization. A job interview is a two way conversation, where the employer and potential employee are deciding whether they a good fit for one another. Paint an accurate picture of the job for the candidate to ensure they know what the job entails.

Ask your employees for referrals.

One way to find employees who are like you best employees is to ask your best employees if there is anyone they would recommend for an open position. People generally tend to spend time with like-minded individuals. They are also generally careful to only refer the best of the best because they know that that individual’s performance could reflect negatively on them.

Consider taking some time at the end of the year to tweak your hiring strategy to make sure you are bringing the right people onboard. If you need more help or advice, contact one of our expert HR Advisors to discuss best practices for your hiring strategy.