There is a lot you need to worry about while running a small business. Having so much on your plate can feel overwhelming. Even if you wanted to make improvements, where would you begin? Here are a few best practices that will bring immediate improvement to your small business: 

Keep Organized Records 

Most businesses need documentation and employee records to function properly. Keeping these records and files organized will make it easier to find and use what you need as well as ensure that nothing important gets lost or misplaced.  

Give to Your Team 

Unmotivated and unhappy employees can be the downfall of your company. Make sure your employees are getting the recognition they deserve. You can do this through rewards like PTO, bonuses, or small prizes. Positive feedback can also be an effective way to promote good feelings in your employees.  


Lack of communication can cause all sorts of problems in your companyPut effort into communicating any changes, difficulties, successes, and failures that employees should know about. Always give employees all the information they need to function in their role in the company. Additionally, a great way to unite your company while giving information everyone needs is to hold company-wide meetings in-person or virtually. These meetings can allow your entire company to celebrate together and work toward company goals. 

Build Relationships 

Healthy work relationships will boost your company’s productivity and employee loyalty. To form good work relationships, you need to be vulnerable with your employees. Be willing to talk about difficulties in your own life and in the company when appropriate and relevant. This will encourage your employees to be more open about struggles in their work or life when they need assistance. It will also allow your workplace to become a more open, healthy place for you and your employees. 

Find the Right Partners 

Doing everything on your own is possible, but not the most efficient way to run a business. A lot of the administrative duties in your business can be outsourced to save your time and energy for more important things in your businessThere are many options for outsourced solutions. As a PEO, we may be biased, but we have seen first-hand how much time and money can be saved when you outsource tasks like payrollemployer payroll taxes, garnishments, verifications of employmentbackground checks, employee benefits, safety training, and much more. Working with experts gives you the peace of mind that you are reducing your liability as an employer and making the best possible decisions for your company. If you’re interested in learning more about working with a PEO, contact Helpside at