We’d all like to be able to get more done during the day. Being productive can help employees, as well as company leaders, enjoy the workplace and feel more accomplished. Productivity also increases the likelihood of success.

Here are five simple ways to increase productivity:

Take Time to Stretch: Stretching allows you to take a quick break and get your blood circulating. A short walk lets you stretch your legs. In cases where there isn’t enough time to go on a walk, a simple stretch of the arms or the legs can help you refocus.

If stretching isn’t an option in your job, going to the gym before, or after, work can help your mind be better focused. Going to the gym also gives the body the attention it needs so you can do your job more efficiently.

Establish Daily Routines: Decision making can be exhausting and time-consuming. Making daily patterns can decrease wasted time and energy. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as, choosing clothing the night before, having a set breakfast, or deciding on one route to work.

Prioritize and Delegate Tasks: Too many small, time-consuming tasks can get in the way of what’s important. Having a schedule that gives time to what is most important can eliminate wasted time. Being able to delegate certain tasks to groups more equipped to handle them, is an important skill needed to get priority goals accomplished.

Get Out of the Office: Occasionally, a temporary change of scenery can be what you need to get back on track. Taking a brief walk or going out to lunch are easy ways for this to be achieved.

Meditate: Meditation is an easy way to refocus. Mindfulness exercises give the mind a break from stress and bring it back to the present. Doing short meditation or mindfulness exercises during the work day can help you concentrate on the task at hand. It can also reduce stress in relation to certain projects, which will give you a new perspective and motivation to finish the project.

Share these ideas with your employees and model them yourself to see an increase in productivity and engagement in your workplace.