40% of employees say they feel isolated at work. Team building activities can help employees get to know their coworkers and increase trust and engagement in the office. Studies show that when employees improve their connections with their team members, it increases productivity and overall performance 

Here are five team building activities to help bring your team together.   

Escape room  

Take your team to an escape room facility or set up a DIY escape room in your office space. Escape rooms are a great way for employees to challenge themselves and lean on their coworkers for help and guidance.  

This activity will encourage coworkers to solve puzzles and find clues together with a time limit. Escape rooms promote problem-solving, teamwork, and quick thinking.  

Two truths and a lie 

This expense free activity is a fun and engaging way for employees to get to know more about their coworkers.  

Have employees think of two truths and one lie, and then have them all share what they came up with in front of the entire team. This allows coworkers to analyze what they already know about the employee and try to figure out which are the truths, and which one is the lie.  

Keep the truths and lies light and friendly and remind employees that they do not need to reveal too much personal information about themselves. For example, the two truths could be: I play Magic the Gathering and I grow prize-winning tomatoes in my backyard and the lie could be I don’t like pistachios.   

This is an example of a fun, low-stakes game to play at the beginning of a meeting or during a time when all the employees are together.  

Blind drawing  

Pair up employees and have one person describe a simple image to their partner without revealing what it is. The partner must then attempt to draw the image based on the verbal description. Afterward, compare the original image with the drawing to see how close they were.  

This activity encourages active listening, enhances communication skills, and builds trust between coworkers.  

Marshmallow tower  

Divide employees into even teams and provide each team with a bag of marshmallows, uncooked spaghetti noodles, and tape. Instruct each team to try and build the tallest freestanding tower using the materials given to them.  

This activity promotes communication, teamwork, collaboration, active listening, and friendly competition. 

Team lunch  

This activity is a way for employees to socialize in a casual and relaxed setting. Leaders can choose to host a team lunch at a restaurant, catered in the office, or even as a potluck.  

Encourage employees to share interests or stories outside of work to help build connections and find similarities between coworkers.  

It is important to prioritize strengthening team connections in the workplace. When teams can trust one another and create a bond, it increases motivation and productivity. Consider using one of these ideas for your next team building exercise.