For companies operating on a tight budget, benefits may appear overwhelming. However, it is important for employers to be aware of the low-cost and no-cost benefits that can increase employee satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.  

Here are four budget-friendly employee benefits to consider offering your employees.  

Flexible work schedules 

This is an example of a no-cost benefit. 94% of employees want flexible work schedules, and employers can offer flexibility at no cost.  

Here are some examples of flexible scheduling:  

  • Customized start/end work hours  
  • Hybrid and remote work options  
  • Opportunities for part-time employment 
  • Flexible lunch hours  
  • Paid breaks 

For many employees, having a flexible work schedule is at the top of their wish list. Companies on a budget should consider offering this no-cost benefit to help retain and attract employees.  

Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) or health savings accounts (HSAs)  

If an organization is unable to provide comprehensive health care benefits, it may reduce the financial burden to offer FSAs or HSAs. Offering FSAs or HSAs is an example of a low-cost benefit that many employees desire. 

FSAs are a great way for employees to save up their money for certain out-of-pocket health care costs that they will not have to pay taxes on. HSAs help employees who participate in qualifying high-deductible health plans lower their taxes and save for medical expenses. FSAs and HSAs have advantages for both employees and employers, but function slightly differently. Speaking to an experienced benefits advisor, including those at Helpside, can help you determine what your employees are eligible for. 

Causal dress code  

Casual dress codes have emerged as a valuable tool in motivating talent and improving employee satisfaction. This no-cost benefit allows employees to have more flexibility over their work attire.  

If a company decides that a more formal or business casual attire is most suited for them, then consider allowing employees to dress more casually at least once a week.   

Summer hours  

To help boost employee satisfaction and engagement, consider closing the office an hour or two early on Fridays. This allows employees to enjoy a few hours of sunshine and have more time to enjoy the weekend. This perk also offers flexibility and improves work-life balance for employees.  

For companies under a tight budget, consider offering these low-cost and no-cost benefits to your employees. These benefits will increase flexibility and employee satisfaction in the workplace. If you are looking for a competitive quote on more traditional benefits options, such as health, dental, and vision insurance, reach out to us at