Attracting and retaining great employees is a challenge for businesses of all sizes and industries. This is something we hear often from our clients. If improving your attraction and retention efforts is one of your goals this year, you are in luck. There are a few key things every business can do to make sure they are creating an environment where employees want to work.

Make sure your pay is fair. While there is plenty of research showing that money is not a great employee motivator, being underpaid is a quick way for an employee to be demotivated. According to research by Nielsen, 80% of employees report feeling stressed at work, with low pay being listed as the biggest workplace stress. A popular quote by Dan Pink, author if the book Drive, puts it simply, “The best use of money as a motivator is to pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table.” If you aren’t sure if pay is an issues, you can do some research on website like and to find some information about what competitors may be paying their employees. Helpside can also provide salary reports for employees of a cost for $10 per position. Contact an HR Business Partner at for assistance.

Culture matters. Creating a strong company culture is not just a gimmick. Work should be a place people enjoy coming to. It isn’t just about getting your job done, but also about building relationships and having a little fun. Even companies like Google employ basic techniques like free snacks or lunches, birthday celebrations and holiday parties.

Unique benefits package can set you apart. Offering a unique mix of benefits to employees can help set you apart as an employer. Offering supplemental benefits like 401(k), life insurance, accident insurance, disability insurance, medical and dependent care flexible spending accounts can help to attract and retain great employees. If you are curious about what benefits you could be missing that could really make a difference, contact a Client Success Manager at

Communication is key. Clean employee communication increases trust in an organization. It also increases employee engagement and satisfaction. According to research from Gallup, employees don’t feel like they are getting as much communication as they would like from their employees.  Be as transparent as possible. Include employees in the decision-making process for important changes whenever possible. Also be sure to provide employees with timely feedback on their performance. Waiting for an annual performance review to address what employees are doing well, or not doing well leads to frustration. Check out our recent webinar on Performance Communication Made Easy for some helpful tips and tricks.

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