Keeping employees happy and healthy is part of most companies’ cultures. 69% of businesses said that they saw increased employee motivation after implementing safety features in the design of their building. Here are a few things you can do to design a healthier work environment:

Encourage Movement

Movement helps physical and mental health. A good workplace should encourage employees to move around. This can be done by keeping eating and desk spaces separate, or using different types of seats to encourage different postures. Also, you can encourage breaks in the daily work schedule to get your employees moving around. 

Let your Culture Shine

The layout and design of your work space can positively impact your employees’ health. Even the color the walls are painted can affect motivation, creativity, and stress. When designing your workspace, let your company culture shine through. For example, to encourage employees to feel less stressed, consider painting your walls blue (a calming color) and designating areas for employees to decompress. 

Create Areas to Encourage Interaction

When employees interact with each other, it makes them more motivated and helps them enjoy work more. Making a social area can be as simple as placing couches or other comfortable seating in a community space. You can also go big and create a game area. Whatever works best for your company. 

Let Employees Personalize Their Workspaces

Employees need to release a lot of creativity while at their desks, so their decoration should allow for that. Letting your employees decorate their desks will make them happier, more productive, and feel more comfortable in your company. 

Thinking about the overall design of your workplace can help you keep your employees happy and healthy.