A safe work environment saves companies money, allows for more productivity, and greater employee engagement. Programs and posters are great to promote safety, but managers’ actions at work has more impact on employees’ actions in relation to safety. For example, if the leaders of a company show no interest in safety, employees are more likely to show no interest as well. Here are a few things the leaders in your organization can do to encourage your employees to be more safe.

Set a Good Example

Most people naturally look to authority figures for guidance. Leaders setting good examples of personal safety can encourage employees to follow suit. Simply practice safety the way you believe is right. Actions speak louder than words.  

Have Conversations With Your Employees

Giving your employees opportunities to talk to you, about safety or other things, can help boost your employees trust and confidence in you. If you encourage open conversations about safety, problems will be solved, more efficient systems can be implemented, and employees will better understand your level of commitment and standards of safety. You want your employees to be confident that you are concerned with their safety and willing to listen to their concerns.

Give Context

Simply giving orders to your employees out of the blue, and without explanation will not encourage behavior change. Employees will react better if you give context to what you want them to do. Explain how it relates to their safety and well-being. Besides, creating employees who simply do what they are told discourages the openness that is needed to keep your workplace safe.

Get Your Employees Involved

Create areas where sharing problems and solutions is encouraged. Employees have different perspectives on problems and risks and can provide unique solutions. Getting as many employees talking about issues they’re facing as possible will help build a trusting, safe environment in your work. Use your own motivation to help get your employees involved with work safety.

Use these tips to encourage your own employees to be more safe in their work. Looking for more safety tips and tools? Reach out to our Safety Director, Josh Hancey for assistance at jhancey@helpside.com