Humility is not seen too frequently these days. Especially in business, you can feel pressure to compete and show how smart and interesting you are. However, having humility can help you to make a good impression on others and come across as a kind, helpful person. Here are some ways to be more humble:

Do not Rely on “I Statements”

If you start a lot of your sentences with “I”, you may come across as self-centered. Instead, try to focus your language on others’ accomplishments. This will show others that you recognize their work, improving employee morale.

Talk About Your Accomplishments Without Bragging

Constantly bragging about your own accomplishments will quickly make those around you, dislike you. However, there are times when it is appropriate to talk about your own accomplishments. This can be during a company get-to-know-you event, when asked about your accomplishments, or during a job interview. Make sure that if you do talk about your accomplishments, that you do so modestly.

Be Authentic

Nobody is perfect, so don’t pretend like you are. People will relate more with you if you are authentic. Don’t be afraid to show your flaws with the people you work with. It can help you to create better work relationships. 

Show Respect

A key quality of being humble is showing respect to others. Willingly give your time to others and listen to their triumphs and struggles. Showing up on time, keeping promises, and treating others with kindness are all good ways to show respect. Not only will this make you more humble, but it will also increase motivation in your workplace.

Share these ways to be humble with others in your workplace and use them for yourself to create a more respectful and motivated work environment.