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Here you’ll find some general information about benefits you may be offered through your employer. Not all benefits will be available to all employees. Contact us at (801) 443-1090 or service@helpside.com with questions.


Health, Dental, and Vision Plan Information

If your company participates in the health, dental or vision plans offered through Helpside, you will find some helpful links to information and forms below. If you are not sure if your company does, please contact us at (801) 443-1090 or service@helpside.com.

Outside of Open Enrollment, benefits changes can only occur within 60 days of a qualifying life event.

If you participate on the MedSave 1 or MedSave 2 medical plans, you can elect to participate in a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Finding In-Network Providers:

Each benefit plan has a network of preferred providers. Using the preferred providers allows you to get the most value out of your benefits. If you do go outside of the plan’s network, your benefits will be reduced or eliminated.

*This website contains summary information only; detailed information for each plan option and are available upon request.

Supplemental Benefits

The Reliance Standard Supplemental Insurance products through Helpside allow you to diversify your benefits package and add benefits where your family needs it most. Each of the options pays a cash benefit to you, rather than paying a medical provider directly, so you can use the money for whatever you need.

As a regular full-time employee (30+ hours per week for long-disability insurance, 20+ hours for other supplemental benefits) you are eligible to participate in these benefits on the first day of the month following a 60 day waiting period, without meeting any underwriting requirements.

Detailed information for each of the plans can be found on the Reliance Standard Supplemental Benefits website listed below.

If you are interested in enrolling, please complete the appropriate form below.


If your company participates on the 401(k) plan though Helpside, you will find some helpful links to information and forms below. If you are not sure if you company participates, please contact us at (801) 443-1090 or service@helpside.com.

Contact Information: Transamerica: 1-800-401-8726

Email: 401k@helpside.com

Fax: (801) 769-3364

Mail: PO Box 849 / Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Helpful Benefits Information

Helpful Resources:

Important Notes:

*Just a reminder, you must be a full-time employee regularly working at least 30 hours per week to participate in the benefits (20+ hours per week for life insurance, short term disability, hospital indemnity, critical illness, and accident)

*You are eligible to enroll in benefits on the first day of the month after your waiting period. Failure to submit enrollments before your coverage start date will delay your opportunity to enroll until the next open enrollment or until you experience a qualifying event.

*Benefit premiums are collected one month in advance of coverage. Please submit enrollment forms at least one month in advance of your effective date to avoid back premium deductions.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at (801) 443-1090 or service@helpside.com.